My first bag what should I get ??

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  1. I had my eye on the favourite pm/mm bag for a few months and was ready to buy it until I found out it’s not readily available anymore. What is a similar substitute? I like the monogram design. Saw the pallas bb and I think that may be the next best. Any other ideas? I’m in Toronto/Canadian website if that matters.
  2. Which print were you looking for?

    I like the Clapton.
  3. I'd suggest as a newbie to start off small then gradually go big

    Both bags have pros and cons do some research before making a decision
  4. Based on size- I would consider the Croisette and Alma BB as well. My sister wanted the Favourite and went with the Pallas BB. She loves it for the outside pocket and noir accent. You still have the chain option as well.
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  5. I would go into store and see if they can order you one before you settle for another bag . Try on different bags as you might surprise your self and like something else better
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