my first b-bag..and a question from a b-bag newbie

  1. Hi all,

    I've been a long time reader since I was doing research before making my first balenciaga purchase. I just got my 06 camel city in today and i'm COMPLETELY in love. (I was a LV and Gucci devotee before..)

    So here's my question (or rather questions...) - how do b-bags hold up in different weather conditions? Has anyone used their purse in the rain? Does the leather get discolored?

    I live in California (SF and the weather's generally mild...just curious for those upcoming rainy months...)

    Thanks!! I'll have to post pictures when I get back home. (and i'm also dying to get my hands on a Blue India Twiggy now... :sad: )
  2. Wonder why that always happens? You buy one, fall in love, but almost straight away you are dreaming of the next one... :confused1:

    Good job we are not like that with men ;)
  3. Congrats Jade and welcome. I have a camel bag too and I got caught in the rain last week. The water spots show up quite clearly but dry very quickly. It looks exactly the same after it dries, so don't worry. I think I will be buying this Apple Guard stuff that other tPFers talk about, it protects from rain and stains.

    Oh, and I too have been dreaming of #2 since getting mine. I have to say I think this forum feeds the madness. If not for the forum I would be perfectly content with just the one bag but nooooo....
  4. Congratulations and welcome. Camel is one of my favorites. I use the Apple Guard spray, especially on the handles and corners where it tends to get the dirtiest. Please post lots of pictures. :yes:
  5. Thanks for the responses!

    I'll have to check out the spray :smile:
  6. You are in the Peninsula? Have you been to Susan's in Burlingame recently? I plan to stop there this weekend. I will be visiting family nearby.
  7. Yes, I was acutally just at Susan's this past Saturday!

    From what I remember, they've got some Blue India bags (first, work, and weekender), a few rouge vifs (fab in the part time, work, and weekender), a grenat weekender, and some black and truffle bags (I only remember they had both in the Twiggy since I wanted to check out the Twiggy size). I think they also had a white weekender or work on display too. (+ a bunch of different wallets and accessories)

    One of the bags I noticed that I've never seen before was a green satin first. I didn't even know they had satin versions?? :shocked:

    Hope you find something you like!
  8. Thanks!! I am probably going this Saturday.

    Congrats on the new bag!
  9. I love that Satin Green First at Susans, I thought the color was so beautiful. Satin has the tendency to snag very easily so I don't think it would make a very practical day bag but would make a gorgeous evening bag.
  10. Ha, we aren't?:P
  11. powdwepuff, does the appleguard change the finish on the camel bags at all? i want to protect the handles and the corners because the corners especially are showing dirt already
  12. Powderpuff, can I just spray the corners and not the rest of the bag? I am very careful with my bag, but the corners gets dirty, so does the leather over the buckles (since it's raised). I tried AG cleaner/ conditioner, and it didn't seem to get it out. I tried rubbing a little harder, and left a whitish spot on the leather. Help!

    Does Lovingmybags work? I browsed the site, and they charge $40 for a bottle of cleaner! :sad: Well, if it works well, I guess i don't mind.