My first (and possibly my only ever) pair: Blue Croc Rolandos

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  1. because they set me back so far I will need several years to pay for them; and by then I will probably too old to wear heels LOL. I went into the store looking for a little relief thanks to my economic stimulus check and my husband bought me these:

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  2. :drool::drool:
    Loving them!
    If it's not too rude to ask, how much did those lovelies put you back?
    If that's your first and only pair, you picked a fabulous one.
  3. Gorgeous! Ive seen these IRL at horatio and they are gogeous!
  4. those are really beautiful. they are one of a kind.

    love them!
  5. Wow, the pictures are stunning. I bet they are just tdf in person.
  6. gorgeous...
  7. Wow...really beautiful! Where did you get them?
  8. Omg!!!!!!!!
  9. WOW those are an amazing pair of one and onlys!!
  10. OMG!! They just JUMP off the page!!
  11. they're gorgeous! post some more modeling pics =)
  12. They are really not that great....and I would never want them for myself. (This is my new method of trying not to covet other girls' friggin fabulous TDF shoes, like yours, otherwise I'll go broke!!!!) lol
  13. ^haha I know what you mean, these are stunning!!!!
    Congrats on a fabulous pair of one and onlys!
  14. Omg those are INSANELY gorgeous!!!
  15. they are TDF! congrats on an awesome first pair