My First (and definately not my last) Tory Burch

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  1. After deciding to pair down my handbag horde and focus on a main few pieces, I became disenchanted with the offerings that were out there that meet my picky handbag criteria. I am not a fan of gold hardware and a certainly do not logos or logo plates on my bags. I like sleek bags with a minimum amount of frills. A friend suggested that I would love some of the bags Tory Burch had available at the moment. We were in Nordstrom and I fell in love with the Thea Hobo. Super soft, slouchy pebbled leather, lightweight, and has a wonderful strap drop. While looking at this bag online I think that this is the second version of the Thea hobo. Was not a fan of the way the first version looked. The same day that I bought this bag, Bloomies started their 25% off clearance sale and I nabbed the Stacked T Crossbody and a wallet. Hopefully I will love them as much as I love this bag! I also have another on my wishlist. I think I can say Tory Burch is my new favorite handbag designer!!

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  2. Nice hobo bag, beautiful black leather ☺
  3. Oh I so agree!! Tory Burch is my new favorite purse designer also. It all started with an email and a picture of one of her purses ❤️❤️❤️ I haven't decided which one to get yet since I want the light oak or a pink one, and those seem to be the first colors gone in every style I like!! The Slouchy Thea you have is on my list-it's so lovely!!
  4. There was another woman roaming the handbag section when I bought mine that saw me taking the paper out to try it for size and immediately snatched up the bark one. She said she had no idea the bag was a slouchy look because all the photos have it stuffed. I was torn between the hobo and the medium satchel and plan to save up for the satchel in anothet color.
  5. beautiful and elegant bag. I'm a huge fan of the pebbled leather. It wears really well over time. Enjoy your bag!
  6. It will absolutley stand the test of time.
  7. Pebbled leather is the way to go, classic choice by the way.
  8. Very nice!