my fendi spy bags :)

  1. hey ladies.....:love:

  2. silly question... but I have never seen a spy bag IRL. Do they fit comfortably under your arm or are they strictly handbags?
  3. OMG - Nhelle! Why do you have all my dream bags?! :love:

  4. Lisa it fits perfectly on the'll love it!!!:love:

    English_girl.. oh you!!!!!!:love:
  5. GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  6. I have already notified my DH that I am saving up for one!

    Gotta have a Spy! :love: :heart: :love:
  7. Love them both!
  8. WoW!! Congrats!
  9. Oh I love the green one so much, they're gorgeous !
  10. Congrats!
  11. You and greendrv can be twins!!!! Love both of them!
  12. Love them both!!
    They are great colours!
  13. thank you ladies.....:love:
  14. Yes, the green is gorgeous!!
  15. Stunning spies ... love both the colors!