My February LV Fix

  1. Today was a very boring day at work, so I decided to leave the office early and go shopping. First I went to my local shopping mall and bought this pair of Puma sneakers, followed by a very nice Spring07 Hilfiger Denim shirt. I then left the mall and took the bus downtown, towards my local LV boutique.

    There I bought the Vachetta Perfo belt I have been pining for months, although it's not in the size I originally requested it to be. But I was so tired of waiting, that I caved and just bought the smaller version (3 cm).
    I also had a long chat with my sa (the good one, not the bad one I always rant about) about the new spring summer lines, and she showed me the look-books and some random LV items, mostly small accessories.

    Highlights of my visit: a cognac ostrich Speedy, a brown crocodile Speedy, a blue roi crocodile Agenda PM, as well as lots of discontinued stuff like indigo and mandarin Epi wallets and agendas, plum Suhali cles, Marshmallow Vernis items etc.

    I got my belt heat-stamped although the s.a. did not do it according to my wishes, but that's how LV is...LV also did not apologise for the bad sa's past mistake(s)... but I was offered drinks and got two catalogues...the men's spring/summer 07 rtw and the men's spring/summer 07 shoes catalogue. Maybe tomorrow I'll even get a thank you note, who knows.
  2. I hope the shopping cheered you up. And I think the Pumas are great, and totally in for Spring - silver metallics are fantastic. I'm trying to figure out how to get my hands on the LV miroir heels :drool: .
    Post a pict of your belt won't you? I bet it's lovely. And the exotic Speedys sound so lush.
  3. Here are some close-ups:
    Senza titolo1.jpg Senza titolo2.jpg
  4. Nice !


  5. CONGRATS!! hope you had a good day!
  6. congrats :smile:
  7. Congrats! Sounds like you had a good day overall. :smile:
  8. wow, looks awesome, so classy!
  9. Aweome belt! :biggrin:
  10. loves it ! thats hot belt !
  11. congrats it matches with you'r skin tone...:p
  12. Congrats!
  13. Thank you guys.

    @lmm: yes, and in summer we both will develop a nice patina, only mine will be called a tan.
  14. Congrats!
  15. nice belt, congrats!