My favorite pair of shoes...

  1. I usually don't go all ga-ga over shoes. However, when I saw this pair of shoes, my heart just skipped a beat. :love: It just makes my day to look at them, and I feel so gorgeous when I put them on (not to mention 5 inches taller). Haha. I am so silly. Thanks for letting me share my shoes with you gals!

    :woohoo: Presenting my lovely python pumps from the Michael Kors collection... :woohoo:
    mk1.jpg mk2.jpg mk3.jpg mk4.jpg
  2. beauties! those shoes really are nice! You should feel great when you wear them.
  3. They're so feminine and classy, reminds me of 50's pinup. They're totally sexy. :amuse:
  4. Sexy, Sexy!!!
  5. Gold and snakeskin, wonderfully exotic. Love them!
  6. Very cute! :tup:
  7. they look great on you!!