My favorite day(s) of the holiday season.

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  1. Haven't been around much in the last few days, have been busy spreadng the holiday cheer.

    Every year we 'sponser' two familys for the holidays. I love this program, because instead of just dopping 'stuff' off, we get to be interactive and help them 'give'. Friday, we took the children shopping, watching them and helping them choose presents for their parents and siblings is such a joy. We also let them choose something to donate to toys for tots. Saturday we took them food and took the parents shopping for the kids.

    I love toys for tots and the giving tree, etc...but something is so special in allowing someone to give to those they love. Every parent should have the joy of giving the 'perfect' gift to their children.

    Today the kids and I went back to the store and picked up a few the items that familys had a hard time deciding against, wrapped them up, put them in plain brown boxes with stocking stuffers and quietly dropped them off today with instuctions to the parents not to peak...and to put them out from Santa on Christmas :smile:

    Happy Holidays to everyone!
  2. Bless your heart Twinkle! That's very sweet and generous of you!!
  3. You really understand the true meaning of Christmas! Donating presents is wonderful in itself, but donating your time during the holiday season is truly a generous gift. May it come back to you tenfold! Have a wonderful holiday!