My famagila from pulse came today

  1. I got my Bambinone in the mail today from pulse & its pretty cute. Its subdued enough that I think I can carry it to funerals & weddings but still fun if you get up close with it. I like it..
    Picture 053.jpg
    Picture 054.jpg
  2. oh wow its nicer than i thought..but i don't need that print thankfully =)...did u request for any specific characters? hehehe

    funerals and wedding..such a spectrum of events!
  3. My Zucca arrived too. Below are pics. I'm really like this now. Yes, it is khaki in color, but I think it's a nice change from the other prints. I can see this being much more work-appropriate than most of my Toki bags. I won't go so far as to say it's my favorite print, but I'm definitely liking it!:yes:

    DSC02695.JPG DSC02696.JPG DSC02697.JPG
  4. Funerals?! Ummm... Tokidoki never puts me in mind of funerals! <gasp>

    But I'd definitely stay away from wearing an Inferno to a funeral.
  5. I didn't ask for anything in particular, just some variation..I didn't get hte cactus kitty on it, but its not like I'll die that I didn't at least mombella is way off on one side..I think its pretty appropriate for most anything..Like I wouldn't wear my inferno to church, but the famagilia I think you could take anywhere..Its rowing on me..
  6. what gorgeous bags! i thought this print would look more work-appropriate.

    your zucca has the print placement that i'd give an internal organ for - polpettina, gatto spinoso, vampire bunny, koi and pirate monkey all front and center. :drool:

    lucky girl!!!
  7. elizs - cuuute bambinone!! :yes:

    angelic*ruin - niice zuuca!! :yes:

    ahhh I'm still unsure about this print.
  8. yeah both you guys got part of the print that i want! oooo i think it looks cute on the zucca! still waiting to see what it looks like on everything else before i decide
  9. lol a funeral? I think a notte would be more appropriate for a funeral. And if people notice it's tokidoki, they might be erm, a little jubilant about it. XD Which would be...difficult to explain later. >.>

    Cute bag though! I still don't think this style is for me...maybe in something small, like Denaro...
  10. cute bags! i have to still see if i'll like it on a Ciao.

    Can someone post pix with it on? Kinda wanted to see how that color looks with someone actually wearing it. =)
  11. Oooh it's so adorable! I love it on the zucca~ the dasies are definitely adorable :3 If I were to get famiglia, I'd want them! :p Thankfully, I don't think I'm going to get anything in this print :p
  12. the bags are so pretty!
  13. Ditto. I want to see how it looks on someone too. It definitely looks better than I imagined. And I do think it's very work appropriate, especially for the corporate and professional reign. I like the little characters in the circles, but I just don't love the overall look of the print. I am not sure if it's the color or the spacing or the circle size or what. I am still only considering something small in it though because I still don't love it. But I just got a caramella. Hmm wonder how it would look on a portatelefono.
  14. lovely bags!! The zucca is adorable!!!
  15. id wear an inferno to a funeral, hands down! really.

    but hey, thats me. :devil: