My Experience with Daniellesboutique that I want to share with Everyone

  1. Against my better judgement I decided to take a chance with Daniellesboutique on eBay since the opinion on their authenticity is ambiguous. Well, it took 2 weeks before they even shipped my bag, and only when I pressed them for the tracking number.

    So after 3 weeks of waiting for the bag, the Prada hobo they sent me is definitely fake. The authenticity card font is wrong, the Prada heat stamp on the inside is badly done and not deep enough. THe side tabs which are supposed to be pointer (compared to my authentic one in white) is squarish. Neiman Marcus confirmed my suspicions but of course would not give me written documentation.

    When I contacted Daneillesboutique for a refund, their initial response is that their bags are absolutely authentic. Next, they asked my to authenticate with Prada. I called Madison Prada in NYC and they told me that they don't do authentications as a company policy. After I told daniellesboutique this, they asked for a written documentation from NM. When I finally told them that I'd go to mypoupette for a written documentation, they finally said they'd take the bag back (a little suspicious??)

    So my final word is: They make good fakes, but definitely not authentic Pradas!
  2. Eek..good to know. I know I've seen them on eBay too. Scary! glad they're giving you a refund.
  3. yeah, i'm shipping the bag back to them first thing tomorrow. i hope they refund me promptly considering they lied about the date they shipped.
  4. Did you pay with Paypal? If so, file a dispute BEFORE you put it in the mail. She's a shady operator, so better to get it on record before you let go of it.
  5. ^it's not enough to get signature confirmation and tracking # so that in case she doesn't respond i can file a chargeback with my cc? because if i filed with paypal they would make me give them a letter in which case I would need mypoupette to write me a letter first. thanks for your advice!
  6. I agree.
  7. Since they agree to issue you a refund, send the bag with insurance and signature required. For this seller, I would go ahead to send it back and deal with cc in case they don't keep their promise. PayPal will side them since they sell a lot of stuff with high price. They are one of their major clients. eBay and PayPal is totally money driven.

    You meant the seller danielleboutique, without an "s", right? I cannot believe it.... They sell so many high price items, and some of them are fake?! Good for you catching them!
  8. ^yeah i do mean danielleboutique. The authenticity card was the first thing I noticed since I took that out first. Prada's As on real ones are pointed, whereas theirs were flat. Crazy as it sounds, the leather also smelled really bad.

    Also, although they sell high-priced items, they will accept offers for less than their asking price if you look at some of their past transactions.
  9. omg! I just saw that the bag doesn't even have the Lampo zipper!
  10. Without your warning, I'd buy from them without a doubt. Luckily I haven't bought anything from them yet, but I did look at their stuff frequently.

    I also noticed the "submit best offer" options. They accepted some offers which are more than 25% to 30% off from their asking price. This definitely is very suspicious. They probably mix real and fake items and hope some of them will slip through. I sure will not buy from them ever. Thank you so much for the warning.
  11. Thank you feifei87 for this thread.

    I think we've all looked at this ebay sellers posts and just wondered about authenticity and thought about bidding. I have many times. I guess anything that seems like it's too good to be true - is exactly that.

    I've had some bad ebay experiences on ebay over the past 6 months and I'm trying very hard now to just not shop there anymore. No matter how good the pics look and how reputable the person seems, I always end up disappointed - *always*. I used to find nice things on ebay, but I think the market's so flooded now with sellers and buyers that the majority of what's happening on there is all leftovers and fakes. Just my opinion. It's very sad.
  12. UGH>>>Thanks for the warning

    Yes, good thing you scared them by offering to run it past MyPoupette...the scammers don't like them!

    Good luck getting your money back. Hope it is soon.
  13. Omg! And they sell so many items! Eeek! :wtf:
  14. Sorry....