My experience at Dior boutique in San Francisco

  1. Good Job! Support~~~
  2. lets hope the store manager will tell that SA to "behave".
  3. Totally agree:smile:
  4. do keep us updated!
  5. I agree with you sooooooooo much!!! I've been in that store twice and the SA was really not nice for both times! You can even feel that she was not willing to help you to take a bag and try it on...
  6. An update, the message has been forwarded to Paris and I was contacted by a staff in Paris, Let's see what happens next.
  7. Good to hear! Maybe they'll send you a gift of some sort, too :smile:
  8. Wow. I cannot believe that-How incredible! I would NEVER ever expect that kind of treatment from any SA from any store...not even Forever 21 or somewhere like that. I can't imagine how I would react to such treatment-you clearly acted with grace which just points out even more how awful that SA was!
    I hope that this all gets settled soon-I'm so sorry for your experience! Keep us updated!
  9. Honestly, I think how everyone treated you was inappropriate and unacceptable and at a high-end boutique like Dior! I would definitely write a scathing letter to corporate / PR department on the treatment you received there. The security guard had NO right to make fun of you - after all, he was just a security guard. What does he know about CRM behavior? For him to be instigating that you had lied and just changed your mind because you didn't want to purchase the bag... how rude. They should learn some manners.

    How dare she use such tone and words like you were a mere child in her eyes. Who does she think she is? I would've been so steamed right then and there that I would've stomped straight up to another SA and demanded to speak to their general manager. You should have stated to her "Don't ever use that tone to me ever again, who do you think you are? I deserve respect."

    To lighten up the mood here:
  10. I'm glad to say they're taking this really seriously and have passed it on to the HQ in Paris :smile: Then again, when I contact Customer Service, the number I have is for a UK number, but it's a number from Paris that phones back!
  11. I had the same experience too, the SA was kind of annoyed when I took a bag off the shelf and tried it on, and I noticed the security guy there would went immediately after me and fixed the bag on the shelf. I did not have any good experience there, where are all the nice SAs that used to work there?!!!!
  12. Well, that's definitely one boutique to cross off my list. So sorry you had to endure that!
  13. Sorry to hear about your experience! I'm from SF too and was just about to go over to Dior to check out their items! I guess I'll take my money elsewhere! Keep us updated when you get a reply from corporate. That kind of service is UNACCEPTABLE!
  14. This is totally unacceptable, and I agree on writing a complain letter.
  15. I live in the bay area and the only Dior boutique is in SF. I don't like almost all the SA there because they are mean, not helpful and give you attitudes. That is why I will go to Dior boutique when I go down to LA or something. I am sorry to hear that but I have similar experience before. I tried to look at this bad on display and the SA told me "We are selling the bags on the display as well, so don't touch it if you don't want to buy it" I was like "WT*?!?! If I don't look at the bag, how am I supposed to know if I want it or not" Shame on them..