My ever so lucky find at HERMES Paris fsh trip

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  1. I wasn't planning on buying much at Hermes because I'm almost at the end of my trip but got surprised and sidetracked from my original wish list. Also shortly after my purchases I was pickpocketed. So I'm still in shock however these goodies may be worth it? I'm still trying to convince myself there is a silver lining. Here goes my geranium k35!

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  2. Congrats! So sad however to hear that you were pickpocketed. Hope you didn't lose important documents. Hugs to you.
  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful bag!!! Lovely color too! So sorry to hear you were pickpocketed :sad: was your wallet stolen in a crowded area?
  4. This is beautiful Congrats
    Shame on those sneaky thieves
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    Thankfully I didn't lose my travel documents but I had just gotten a dogon a week early and it was nicely tucked in my bag. I was walking on champ elysees but it wasn't crowded. I was also with my family. We walked from a cafe to Celine without making any stops. So I'm not sure even when it was missing. I also wasn't carrying any shopping bags as I had them sent to the hotel. Maybe I stood out as a tourist???? Still recovering from the sadness.
  6. Geranium is strikingly gorgeous as a Kelly! Congratulations on your beautiful find.

    Sorry to read about the pickpocketing. May I ask what kind of handbag you were carrying - tote? Crossbody? There will be other dogons but this Kelly is the real prize! Thank you for sharing.
  7. Beautiful bag, loveone!️️
    As for the thieves, there was no way you could have realized someone was stealing your Dogon.
    Those people are specially trained.
    A friend of mine is still wondering how they could steal her wallet from her zippered Longchamp Le Pliage!
    Not on the Champs Elysées but on a bus....
  8. Your bag is beautiful! It's definitely the silver lining.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the theft. At least your travel documents were intact. Please stay safe!
  9. Congrats on the Kelly. Sorry to hear about the pickpocketing. Are you covered with travel insurance? Hopefully you can recoup your losses and maybe get a new dogon!
  10. Your Kelly is gorgeous!!! So sorry you were pickpocketed! I'm going in June with my family and I'll have to be careful!
  11. That is a truly beautiful bag, and I am so sorry that you were robbed. As others have noted these are professionals: short of locking yourself in your hotel room there is always going to be some risk. :nogood:

    I very much hope you will be able to claim it on your insurance, but in the meantime your bag is utterly gorgeous, and will continue to be so for many, many years to come. Enjoy it!

  12. Hi everyone,
    I was actually was carrying my Berline and according to the video footage that I solicited from the store, I left with a locked Berline (meaning secured) and when I walked into Celine, the bag was open. It is pretty difficult personally to release the straps, but somehow I was unaware? The entire time when we were walking in Champs Elysees I was in between my aunt and my cousins. It was not crowded also. So I am not sure when it happened. I was trying to retrace my steps but my wallet is long gone. Also the wallet is in the crevette color and my berline is in blue glacier, so I think it would stand out. Everything else in my bag was pretty dark colored.

    I am thankful that I had the hermes bags delivered to the hotel because who knows what would have happened if I was carrying those large orange bags. Pretty scary thought. To make matters worse, I went to the police and they told me to return to the US to file a complaint because I didn't see who the pick pocketer was and I couldn't identify whether male or female. It was just a mess.

    I met a lady on the plane when I was returning home and she also had her bag pickpocketed at the Eiffel tower. She didn't lose any valuables but they took her card holder. She said she didn't even feel the thief searching through her purse.

    I advise everyone to becareful.
  13. I just returned home so I will have to inquire about the travel insurance cause this will be very important to recoup. However a dogon crevette in the older style will be hard to obtain.
  14. Beautiful Kelly!

    So sorry you had to go through this mess....people can be awful. Thanks for the reminder as those thieves can be tricky little #*%^€\~!
  15. So sorry to hear that and I hate that it overshadowed your trip despite all the lovely goodies you got. Your K35 and the Bolide 27 are great finds. So they stole your Dogon ?? Darn. They probably threw away the wallet in the trash bins to go for the cash and CCs. I'm assuming that you have travel insurance ?? because you can make a claim with the insurance company and get some money back for the wallet as long as you filed a report with the police. Also, since your Dogon wallet was paid by a CC, you can also call the bank to see if there is any loss coverage. I know that American Express will cover any damage or theft with products you purchased with their card within a 30 day period. Good luck !