My Ever Growing Collection!

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  1. My LV favorites are White Multicolor and Cherry Blossom, and always strappy high heeled shoes....

    To date the Suede Fringe Bucket is the most I have spent on a handbag, and I have never regretted the purchase...
  2. the pochette is really cute, congrats!
  3. Love those gorgeous shoes!!! :girlsigh::tender:
  4. Great collection!
  5. Lovely Collection!! Love the Louis Vuitton Shoes - they are TDF
  6. Love it all!
  7. Lovely feminine colours! All the LV shoes are so beautiful!
  8. gorgeous collection!
  9. Ooh great collection
  10. Woww big collection!!!!!
  11. wow, amazing collection!
  12. Nice collection.
  13. I've never seen the Suede Fringe Bucket. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your collection. I love those shoes.
  14. Beautiful collection. I love all your LV shoes!
  15. your cherry blossom is beautiful :love: