My Etoupe 30 Birkin is Here

  1. Okay. Let's just say I was a little disturbed when the doorbell rang this morning. Then in my slumber, I realized it could be the FedEx man- indeed it was. :tup:

    I recently purchased an etoupe 30 birkin from a reseller on eBay. Since he's a reputable reseller who specializes in Hermes products, the markup was considerable. I consulted tpf, various websites, checked feedbacks back and forth, and finally was given the nod from my girlfriends. This is my first Hermes birkin and my first most expensive handbag (I have many Chanels, Balenciagas, and other name brands, but never a birkin). I often wondered WHY anyone would pay so much for a handbag (I thought I was excessive with my Chanels already), until I fell in love with the etoupe color, white stitching, and silver hardware combination.

    In order to fund the purchase, I sold some stocks (thank god, before the bloodshed today), then wired the money over. I couldn't sleep for the past couple of days for fear that I made the biggest mistake of my life making such a big purchase online. I kept thinking, what if I hate the bag, what if it's not authentic, what if it doesn't match the description on the auction? I would've been the biggest idiot, wouldn't I? So naive and dumbfoundedly trusting.

    Let's just say, the Hermes packaging was perfect. Opening the FedEx package, then the bubble wrap, then the orange papers, then the Hermes box, then the orange Hermes papers again, and removing the filler bubble, slowly, I could smell the leather- my fears withered away. I KNEW it's authentic, and it's PERFECT. I'm shocked at the craftsmanship, the beautiful togo leather, and the incredible hardware. Every penny is worth it. Now I understand the so-called hype, the frenzy, the waitlists, the "it bag" status.

    Needless to say, immediately after lunch, I took it for a walk to my local Hermes store to get a little friend for it (a key charm). Even the SAs dropped what they were doing (like folding the scarves over and over again....) to gather around my birkin. I felt like the luckiest girl.:crybaby:

    My experience with my first birkin purchase has been perfect. I'm so happy. I must tout the beautiful etoupe color on togo leather and really introduce it to the tfp members. It's such an understated color, but it's SO beautiful in person. I don't even think of it as a NEUTRAL color, even though it's not vibrant like blue jean, or orange.

    It's grey, yet brown. It's dark, yet it's light. The color is so full of depth, it almost has a dimmed silver/ bronze shimmer to it. I tried to conjure up a picture of the color in my head, but am always surprised when I look at my birkin again because it's even prettier than the perfect picture in my head. The French are amazing with color palette, hands up. This is a truly FRENCH color. It has an aura to it.

    Okay, I must stop this rambling. Love it, love it, love it!
  2. Give us some pics!
  3. sounds lovely! may we see her?
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It sounds like you are "high" on orange! I remember that feeling. When you open that orange box it is the absolute best. Enjoy the bag. Can't wait to see photos!
  5. Exciting! Let's see some pics! :nuts::graucho:
  6. How exciting! Congratulations! Can't wait for pics!
  7. Yay!!! Love Love LOOOVE etoupe!!! Congratulations!!!!
  8. cant wait to see pics!!!!
  9. Congratulations on your first (notice I said first ;)) birkin. There are many etoupe lovers here on this forum, myself included. It's a very versatile classic color.

    I love when that happens.

    You described the color magnificently. Brava! :flowers:
  10. Congratulations on a wonderful purchase!:yahoo: I don't have etoupe, but I am hoping someday.:yes: I think you made a fantastic choice for leather and color and what fun to take it for a walk to H on the first day! I bet you sleep great tonight.
  11. i love Etoupe!!!! SHow us the pics!!!!
  12. Congrats!
    I love etoupe.. it's a really complex color. It's definitely next on my radar.
  13. Congrats on your first! Here's to many many more!!!
  14. Congratulations! How wonderfully you explained the excitement and color! :tup:

    I have never seen please! :flowers:
  15. You're so lucky! I've been waiting for mine to arrive.