My Ebay!

  1. I got my purse today. It took only 4 days! I did a "make best offer" from of $400.00.

    It is in perfect condition. The straps are really long as you can see. It's a beautiful choclate color.

    Does anyone know what year this might be from?

    Thank you all for your bad influence on me.

    newchanel.jpg DSC00945.jpg DSC00948.jpg
  2. Oh wow, that's beautiful. Is there a hologram or authenticity card to help determine age?
  3. the card is 1876650.

    The hologram sticker is very hard to see because it's at the bottom and I can turn the purse inside out.

    It looks like it hasn't even been used at all.

  4. It's pretty! Congrats! I'm no help at all as to how old it is.
  5. It's gorgeous and I absolutely love the color! Congrats on such a great deal!
  6. Congrats.
  7. Very nice. Congrats!
  8. Congragulations, that bag is beautiful!
  9. congrats!! it's gorgeous!!

    oh and you're very welcome :graucho:
  10. very pretty, congrats!
  11. My mom passed down a Chanel bag to me starting with the number 2xxxxxx which was purchased sometime in the 80s. That would rougly tell you when it was made/purchased. I know one of the PFer-s have that info handy as to the 1xxxxxx.
  12. That is a gorgeous bag!!
  13. Very nice and classy!!!!!
  14. Good find!