my eb day

  1. not sure about it yet I was expecting more electric and it is very cobalt like? Not sure if I am keeping it yet.
  2. pics
  3. Can you post photos?
  4. it looks just like french blue to me... i personally really like it :yes: but if it's not for you then i would send it back & get something you really love.
  5. I think it's :drool: ! Gorgeous!!
  6. I love it! But yeah, if you aren't 100% happy, then maybe it isn't worth keeping.
  7. That is a pretty color :yes:but i always say you have to be in love with it to keep it.:smile:
  8. So gorgeous!! But I agree that you should only keep it if you are 100% happy with it!!
  9. Oh, I love it! But, if you're not crazy about it, then I say don't keep it.
  10. Boy, that looks just like French Blue to me. It's lovely, but if you are having any doubts whatsoever, then you aren't going to be 100% happy with it.
  11. I love this bag!!

    Maybe you should sleep on it!!
    Your decision, not the bag.
  12. thank you so much for your compliments and i agree i am going to sleep on it for a few days. :smile::heart:
  13. [​IMG]It's absolutely beautiful! :tup:
  14. gorgeous leather! :love: ~ your lovely day does look like fb in your pics but it is so difficult to capture this colour in a photo ~ i honestly think eb is a colour that if you're disappointed when you first see it then you're not going to love it later on ~ & it's too many $$$ not to! ~ :flowers:
  15. She looks great, congrats! Where did you find one? I'm still debating whether to go for one or to go on a violet hunt...wish I could afford two bags this season!