My DOLMA DAY arrived today!

  1. I couldn't believe I found one and at a great price!! When I get batteries I will post pics of her!! I am very happy.:tup:
  2. Looking forward to pics!!!
  3. Congrats!! I LOVE Dolma - especially in the Day style!
  4. I have the exact same bag and I LOVE it!
    I got mine at a great price too...I wonder why no one wants these beauties...Anyway, congratulations, you're going to love wearing it!
  5. Cant wait for pics!!! CONGRATS!
  6. Dolma is my fave green of all the Bal greens. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see your photos!
  7. Pls post pics when u receive her...can't wait to see this of my fav color in dolma!
  8. Can't wait to see photos - I am growing more fond of the day style and think I might have to get one.
  9. ohhhhhhh! congrats, now i have to see the pics :p
  10. wow can't wait for the pics!
  11. Congrats :yahoo:can't wait to see your pics.:wlae:
  12. Me, too! Me, too! Can't wait to see pics of your 'new' Dolma Day!!! I'm such a sucker for green Bbags and want to feast my eyes on your one...:nuts:
  13. Pics Pics Pics!