My dog is soooooo Lucky!!

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  1. It's been freezing (some days 5 degrees or below w/ the windchill) in NY but I still take her to the dog park. I wear tights under my sweats and 3 pairs of socks and drag my ass out there for her sake. I get such joy watching her run and play. It's funny b/c I feel like such a putz b/c I would'nt do it for my own kids LOL!! I always think I'll be the only moron out there but a bunch of people feel the same way. I'm even getting sick and still going there today b/c we're supposed to get snow tonite and I probably won't get there tomorrow.

    Oy, what I won't do for her!
  2. I cook for my dogs, but don't cook for myself so I can relate LOL!
  3. My dogs are my life too - when I lived near a dog park I went every day, rain or shine, snow or sleet - it was worth it to get the energy out of him!
  4. You are a great dog-mom!! Here I am sick and won't skip a dog walk for the same reasons. Making my doggy happy... makes me happy!
  5. Yay for you and your lucky dog, shu. I know exactly what you mean:yes:. Our dogs get away with more than our kids did. No matter what, the dog gets his walk and playtime with the neighbor dogs. I've cooked the dog's meals , then nuked a Lean Cuisine for myself.

    We spoil them, don't we!:P
  6. We sure do spoil them Pat! I just bought this bubble maker for my dog and you can buy flavored bubbles (I bought bacon flavor). She's afraid of it! I've spent a fortune on her!

    I finally bought those toe warmer things to put in my shoes at the dog park. So much better!
  7. Aww that is so sweet of you. I think he knows how lucky he is.
  8. lol. I felt the same way when we had a sudden temperature drop and it had rained. I still took her to the park thinking I would be the only one but there were a few others there as well.
  9. OMG , so funny! I walk my dog in the rain and snow even if it is freezing outside! I walk her in the morning before I even go to the bathroom! I also take her to play with other dogs every night after I come home before I even get a chance to change or eat dinner. My SO thinks I love my dog more than him lol.
  10. My dogs are my kids and are treated as such!! Much to my hubby's dismay, they always eat before we do. They get long walks everyday, in all kinds of weather. They are very happy, loving pets. My friends always say that when they die they want to come back as one of my dogs!:P
  11. i've walked our dog through every type of weather imaginable (snow, pouring rain, ice, wind, july heat) and am usually the only one in the neighborhood doing that! the thing is, when our dog was a little puppy he hated the rain but needed to go outside all the time since he wasn't potty trained yet and i would stand there in the pouring rain while he looked around confused. now with ice outside, i still take him for long walks but he won't do anything because the snow is frozen and he can't get to the grass! i'm not an outdoorsy person at all but i do it all for his sake...i hope he remembers that when he's old!
  12. Today it's 7 degrees w/ the windchill and I have a cold....Heading out to the dog park in a little while!:nuts: My hubby thinks I'm nuts, but I've been working more than usual this week and I couldn't take her the last 2 days so I have a lot of guilt.
  13. I'm EXACTLY the same way with my minpin - every type of weather imaginable! Funny part is, we're both bundled up to the max in winter coats that are almost identical. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm ridiculous. :sweatdrop: