My dog ate my handle~

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  1. #1 Apr 11, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
    No joke~!!!

    I'm crying now~ I took out my Part Time for some TLC (Sunday afternoon), after the cleaning and polishing, I put it back into the dust bag, and left it on the dining table then went out for dinner.

    My dog, that's always confine in his room whenever we are out, managed to open the baby-gate and let himself out. He has a fetish with bags, really!! He is not tall but he managed to pull d bag from the dining table, dragged it to the living room sofa, got the bag out~ and ate half the handle~ I came home to this horrific sight!

    I have called our local boutique (the only one) but they don't do any repair. What am I gonna do now?? I'm so so so upset~ Can other boutique in Europe change the handles? I thought I have read somewhere that they did... :cry: Help...

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  2. I'm so sorry! This photo makes me sick to my stomach to see.............:sick:

    I'm too new to Balenciaga to give you any advice but just want to reach out with a hug at how you must be feeling about your bag right sad!
    I do hope someone knowledgeable will come along to help you.
  3. Yes~ sorry~ I should have gave some warning! Updated!!
  4. I have contact our local leather expert, he is willing to help me stitch a handle back. I said I'm fine as long as I can get a loop, I'll cover it with a scarf ... The best option I can think of.
  5. Oh Lord i am so sorry for you!! I am breathless after seen pics!!! I know it could be expensive because it's in USA, but why don't you send pics at Lovin My Bag online store asking a quote for handless repair? It's the only option i can think about.
  6. Oh my! I was expecting to see a few chomp marks, not that horror! I wonder if Bal still replace handles completely, maybe it would be worth contacting their HQ to ask, rather than a boutique? Good luck!
  7. I'll try to ask them but it maybe too expensive to send the bag over.. I'll see what the leather repair shop says.
  8. I actually just gave my dog a dirty look for what one of his species did. Any updates?

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