My Dior Large Pockets Bag

  1. How heavy is this bag? Is it too bulky for everyday?
    Also, are the handles long enough to wear over the shoulder?
    I like the style but not sure of how practical it will be.
  2. Hi Happy1!

    I'm not too sure about the weight, but if you check the Eluxury page, they show a model posing with the bag, which gives you an idea of how bulky it is (and how the woven handles are long enough to be worn on the shoulder).

    eLUXURY - Dior - My Dior Large Pockets Bag Dior, large leather bag, my dior, la

    I love this bag! I never used to like it as much (especially when it first came out) but I'm finding myself more and more attracted to it. That said, this bag is a bit big and I'm not sure if I can even fill it with enough stuff.
  3. It looks damn big, I kept thinking about this bag too, it is very nice, think it must be that eLuxury advert that's always on here..
  4. It's big and bulky. The straps will go over your shoulders snug, but you won't want them there because it's so bulky. I'd go for the small My Dior as a handbag or the shopper as a tote.