my dh :D

  1. On a recent trip to Montreal my dh met an artist named Zilon and bought me this
    It should be here anyday!! Its so going in my new closet! I will post pics when I get it. lol... who would ever think husbands would go out of their way for their wives in the realm of designers, let alone art?
  2. so cool, congrats!!
  3. That is really cool. Can't wait to see how it looks in your closet. How nice of your hubby :smile:
  4. What a great husband! I love that painting, it's so edgy. Can't wait to see pics of it in your closet. Congrats!
  5. very cool indeed!

    Did the artist's collection consist primarily of pieces like this? Meaning, did he use designers as his inspiration?
  6. yea i got a book of his stuff and theres like japanese looking guys wearing a shirt that says dior, and more faces with LV, and Gucci as well. :yes: very cool stuff!
  7. Aw! It's soo cute and your hubby is sooo sweet!
  8. Thats is SO sweet of ur DH~!! The thought itself of how he appreciates ur love for the designers says so much! :yes:

    The art is truly SO edgy and divine! I LOVE IT! :tup:

    Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see the pics!