My DH Conspired With My Favorite SA At Coach...

  1. ...and this is what he bought me!!! :yahoo:Isn't the Miranda in Atlantic just gorgeous?!:tender: I didn't even know the bag came in that color. Actually, he purchased her during the PCE (thank goodness) but I have been a bit under the weather and just getting around to sharing her. I just had to post pics and let you all see my new love! My DH is quite a guy! :love:
    RJK-0259.JPG RJK-0260.JPG RJK-0261.JPG
  2. Congrats LIblue...she's gorgeous...what a sweet hubby! Enjoy! I hope you you feel better soon.:flowers:
  3. What a GREAT hubby! SO SWEET! Your bag is gorgeous..WOW. I didn't know it came in Atlantic either. Glad to hear you're feeling better and enjoy that beautiful new bag! Happy Birthday! :yes::balloon:
  4. Wow! It's beautiful and even better that it came from your dh! How sweet! Enjoy!
  5. It's beautiful andI love the color. Is it very heavy? Does it weight over a pound and a half ? I would love to get one but my docotor said I need to stick with lighter bags. Congrats!
  6. WOW!!! That is one beautiful color! Your husband is a keeper! Enjoy!
  7. wow, what a sweet hubby! congrats! was this for your bday? hope you are starting to feel better. go out and enjoy showing off your new miranda! lol maybe you could post modeling pics sometime? *nudge nudge*
  8. WOW!! Gorgeous!! I thought the Atlantic was only available on the Japan site! What a sweet hubby!!!
    I have Miranda in's a great bag isn't it!! Congrats!!
  9. Very pretty color!!
  10. awww congrats!
  11. very nice!! congratulations!
  12. Ok, that is one seriously gorgeous handbag! Congrats for choosing such a wonderful husband who would do something so wonderful. Oh, and he has great taste, too!
  13. OMG!!!! I LOVE that bag! It's absolutely GORGEOUS and the color is TDF!!!!!!! Wow, what a lucky girl! And such a sweet hubby! Congrats!
  14. :woohoo: to the hubby and SA conspiring!!! Beautiful bag!!
  15. WOW!!! :nuts:You are so lucky to have such a great DH:tup: