My Denim Purse Decision

  1. Hi girlies! I finally made up my mind about whether to keep the denim Cabas or keep my classic denim tote....the tote won out! I realized that I did not want a second oversized bag - i love big, but oversized is a trend, imo. And one oversized is enough for my collection. Also if I would have two Coca Cabas, one should at least be leather and preferably the baby. Also, my tote is chic, no one seems to own one, its classic and can't be identified as "oh, that Chanel from such and such season", has many compartments, and is lighter when stuffed, as its handles are all denim. I do adore the Coca Cabas denim, its a fab looking bag, just not perfect for me! It was hard to make the decision but once I stepped into the boutique, knew it was right decision for me :yes: and i thank you for all your opinions and help!
  2. glad you are happy claudia! i think you made a good decision...:yes:
  3. It is a cute bag but it sounds like you made the right decision for you! :yes:
  4. you'll be much happier this way. NOW, what are you going to get next??
  5. good decision........I agree..Id keep that bag found the denim cabas too big for me.I prefer the leather over the denim too