My Denim Cabas Raye has arrived---PIC


The original Iluvbags
Oct 18, 2005
What a beautiful bag!!! :drool:

It is a little big I must admit, but only if you wear it by the shoulder straps. When you wear it that way the bag tend to sag and relax. That makes it spread out and it feels so big.

But if you carry it by the handles or on the shoulder it maintains its shape and structure and does not feel big at all. No bigger than a normal big tote bag. :yes:

I think if i wear it as a everyday bag I will let the straps hang and carry it by the handle. But when I want to use it as a tote to pack lots of stuff then I will use the strap.

I love it. :heart: I especially love that eluxury shipped it in itsoriginal packaging. All the snaps still have their plastic covering as do the handles, and the strap. Even the charms were still in thier plastic bag. (I have not even opened that one yet :smile: )

I don't know why I like to receive my bags that way but I do :graucho:

I think I will admire it for a while. But as many have said I really don't think its too big.

I will try it on with various outfits over the next few weeks and see how I feel before removing any plastic or packaging. LOL

But as it stands right now its a keeper and not too big :graucho:

I have attached a pic. In the background you can see some of my other LV's. I'm in the process of updating my LV pics for the forum. I won't post those until later though b-cuz I want to watermark them. I didnt feel like moving my little post-it note around for every shot. LOL

I don't know why this bag has not been popular on the forum. I called 1866LV and they say only a few remain in the US. So somebody is buying them :shrugs:


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I LOVE IT! Congrats! I really want one of the Denim Cruise bags for myself. There are so many bags to get before the year ends! LOL. Congrats again.

Thanks! You should hurry according to LV. I don't know if they are exaggerating a bit but they claim the cruise line is running out fast. The pleatys are the ones that are most available.