My decision between Ecru Nimbus and Cuir Onatah

  1. Don't hit me... :sweatdrop:

    I just figured out how to somewhat post pics, since I know everyone wants to see pics, right??? :tup:

    So I got a call for the Ecru Nimbus AND the Cuir Onatah GM. My dilemma was I couldn't decide!
    (Previous posting:

    The poll leaned towards the Nimbus, which was a beautiful piece, but I liked the Onatah for practical reasons.
    It's a great every day piece.

    While looking at the Nimbus, another SA chased my SA down to see if my Nimbus was available...
    In my head, I was thinking "Nuh-uh, this one is mine!". My SA kindly told her I bought the only one in the boutique.

    Then at Bloomingdale's, I compared the Nimbus to the Onatah.
    Between the Nimbus and the Onatah, I couldn't decide, so I got BOTH! :yahoo:

    Louis Vuitton 011.jpg

    P.S. I have been using the Onatah for work, but too afraid to use the Nimbus.
    It's so soft and I just sit there and stare at it before I put it back in the box! :girlsigh:
  2. HOW HOT!!! :drool:

    Congrats on the new purchases. :tup:
  3. oooh very nice!!! congrats! :smile:
  4. Looks like your indecision paid off :p Congrats on your two new beauties!
  5. Haha, Congrats!
    I'd actually be more afraid to use the WHITE onatah than the Olympes :p
  6. LOL...I have the same nimbus..I like to look at it only too..Dunno why..LOL!!
    LOVE yer pretty!
  7. Wow, BOTH?! I love that onatah!

  8. They're both beautiful pieces and don't worry about the Nimbus. When the right time comes you'll use it and LVOE it!!!
  9. jealous!!! i want the nimbus soooo badly but looks like I'll have to wait for the grey ones that are coming in this wall.

    congrats on two BEAUTIFUL bags!
  10. omg two outrageously hot bags in one day??ur sooo lucky!!!
  11. wow, congrats on getting both! try not to worry too much on the nimbus b/c you should enjoy your bags!!
  12. Wowza...what a haul!!!!!!! Both so white and pretty!!!! Congrats!!!!!

    Awesome choice...more pics if you plz!!!!!!!:drool:
  13. I love them both! My dilemma was between the Frame Cirrus and the White Onatah, and I bought the Frame Cirrus in he end cos I can't keep white bags white.
  14. congratz! love them both! i wish i could buy both =(
  15. *lol* sounds like me! I'd have gotten both too! def. great choice! I love the Olympe line (I wear my Stratus everywhere!!) and I want to get Onatah too (in purple though)!