My day with a wristlet...

  1. Normally, I carry a big bag almost everywhere except for the park. Well, after going to the park with my daughter and almost losing my cell phone, I decided to look for a wristlet. I became obsessed with finding the perfect wristlet: one that was made of leather or suede and didn't cost a lot. After searching for weeks, I found this at sale for $5.00!!! It's made of suede and trimmed in leather...I bought the brown one. It's very cute!

    Newport News: Product Detail

    I took it out with me today and I have to felt so good not having a huge bag on my shoulder.

    :idea: Might have to get another color. :lol:
  2. $5! and featured in Seventeen! I love it!
  3. Cute! Too bad I need to carry my whole life in my bag.
  4. So do I...I forgot to mention that my actual handbag was in my trunk.:shame: But I didn't carry it!:lol: Still, I needed the stuff to be there...;)
  5. That is really cute! Thanks for the link!
  6. Great buy, Buttery!
  7. I love the pink! So pretty and PERFECT for cute summery slip dresses which don't lend themselves to bulky bags at all.
  8. I'm a HUGE Wristlet fan. I always keep one in my big bag so I can just grab and go.
  9. I have been trying to convert too. Starting with it in my bag so I can grab it and go too.
  10. wow this is adorable! i'm tempted to get it all! lol i hate it when they give you so many choices!! can't decide!!
  11. My friend had bought me a wristlet and I was sorta like ehhh and thought about returning it and then i felt bad so I was like well i guess I'll try using it. Omg came in so much more handy than I thought it would! I too have enjoyed my life post-wristlet. I never and still don't know how people can use that as their only thing, a lot of people would just take those out in college, but it is good if I'm just running and errand or something.

    The ones you found are cute too!
  12. i have a couple wristlets, and they do come in handy when i need to carry more than just cash/cc/id.
  13. I carried it in the grocery store again today...Of course, my big purse was in the trunk. :rolleyes: :lol: I just cannot get over how inexpensive, cute and functional it is. And to think that I was actually considering an LV Wapity; I just cannot go through with it now! The Wapity is adorable, but this $5.00 price tag was too great to pass up. I plan to use this thing until it falls apart! :angel:
  14. Great find! Newport News always has cute stuff. And their prices are great!
  15. A friend of mine got me a Coach one a few years back and I never used it until I went on an trip to Peru... boy did it come in handy! We were antiquing in 'not so safe' neighborhoods where we were advised not to carry a purse... but that wristlet was perfect! I sometimes put it in my big purse w/the essentials and do what you suggested, lock my big purse in the trunk.
    Great link-- I love the colors, and $5! I think I'll get a couple! Thanks!
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