My cursed Coach bag..

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  1. Hello all. I have a bit of a problem. I finally sold my Coach bag on eBay, but not without hang-ups. The first 2 times it sold, the buyers were non-paying bidders. The 3rd and final time it sold, it went for a really high amount - 3 times what I bought it for.

    The buyer paid quickly, and I shipped the bag out on Tuesday. I woke up to a message this morning on eBay from the buyer. All it said was, "This is not an authentic Coach."

    I'm really upset. I'm a seasoned buyer and seller, been on eBay for about 6 years with over 200 positive feedback, but I've never had to deal with a dispute before. This buyer wanted the bag - they were bidding on it all throughout the auction. The money is no longer in Paypal, and to be honest, it's already spent. What authority does Paypal have to take funds from my bank account? Any?

    I purchased this bag from Kaufmann's back in 2005, and I searched high and low for the receipt. It's the only Coach I've ever had, and it was right around the time I got into designer bags, so the receipt may have gotten thrown away (although I'm not one to get rid of receipts). I'm not positive how Coach works, but it didn't come with a dustbag or a care card. The SA told me that since it's a small bag, it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles that the larger bags do. The only thing I remember it coming with was a card with Coach's info on it, but of course, I can't find that either. I could probably have my bank pull an old statement, but even then it wouldn't specify that I bought a Coach bag, only a purchase at Kaufmann's.

    The buyer hasn't opened a dispute yet, but I'm trying to cover my bases. From my understanding, Paypal defaults to siding with the buyer. So again, does Paypal have the authority to overdraw my bank account? Any advice to give me? I really cannot accept this bag for a return. I needed the money, and I don't have the funds to return it. My theory is that this buyer got the bag, realized they just paid a lot of money for small item, and have buyer's remorse.

    What do I do?

  2. I agree, they probably have buyers remorse...If you want to avoid a hassle...take the bag back, but charge a "restocking" fee. This protects your good feedback also.

    If you feel you are up for a battle, do know that Paypal can and will attach your bank account should they side with your buyer. Be prepared to have t his person accuse you of selling a fake and that feedback is the kiss of death to somebody selling authentic goods.

    Ebay is not the friendly auction ground it once was years ago...

    Good luck in dealing with this unreasonable person...
  3. Check over in the Coach forum to find out who the buyer might go to for authentification, and send the buyer that person's information. Also tell the buyer that you are certain it is authentic, purchased it from a licensed retailer, and have absolutely no reason to believe otherwise (after all, it's just her statement that the item is fake--she hasn't even had it looked at by an authenticator!). You could let her know that if she can provide you with a letter from an authenticator then you will refund, but otherwise there is absolutely no reason to consider the bag as fake.
  4. What did your listing say about returns?
  5. Thanks for the advice! I just might direct they buyer to a tPF Coach gal.

    My auction stated no returns unless item is misrepresented.
  6. Seems to me SHE has to prove its been misrepresented, unless of course she pulls a bait and switch.