My Continued Love Affair With Balenciaga...

Colleen V.

Aug 27, 2006
New Jersey
I purchased my first B bag in 2002 , a fbf in Barneys NYC. I did not know the brand at the time, but fell in love at first sight. Over the years I have dabbled in other bags but either returned or sold almost all of them. My collection now consists of 2 LV speedy's, 1 Chloe paddington, and 8 balenciaga's. IMO there is no other bag that compares to balenciaga. I have been in other forums only to be bored very easily as the bags start looking pretty much the same after awhile. Not with Balenciaga! I never get tired of looking at all the colors, styles, leathers and hardware combos. Each bag is as individual as the person who owns them, and that is the beauty of these bags...they are not cookie cutter bags! And another thing too, most people do not know what a balenciaga bag is, and I like it that way.And I love this forum, there is a different vibe here that I don't find in the other forums. A vibe as unique as the bags! :tup::woohoo:


by the sea
Oct 13, 2007

Well put.

I'm relatively new to bbag but have not wanted to use any other bags since I got my first in October last year.
Sep 3, 2006
:woohoo:Welcome back!!
I think it may be impossible to escape from Balenciaga once you have had a taste!!
I've been "dabbling" a bit too lately, but there is something extra special about Bal that just keeps drawing me back.
And I totally agree with you about this forum..... there is really a good vibe here, that you can't find elsewhere!


Sep 6, 2007
OOh that is such a good thing to read..I think everyone who reads your post will feel that little thrill of recognition.
Colleen V., thank you for a great post! I totally agree with everything you said, especially about the wonderful girls on this forum! Since there are so many gals in number it is hard to get to know each one, but it is still a great forum and a great bunch of people!! :okay:
Mar 8, 2006
Desperately Seeking Deals
Great post!! So funny what you said about people not knowing Balenciaga. My DH has a handbag shop that sells fashion bags that retail for under $50. Last night my SIL was at my house and was admiring my black "Shopping". She then asked if it was one of my husbands bags!!!! He has great bags but THEY ARE NOT Balenciaga!!


loves b bags
Jul 11, 2007
balenciaga heaven
i agree with all you've said colleen V, i also find every b bag unique as well as the owners of the bags, so many ladies with style, i love this forum, so many great people around, sharing this sweet obsession that no one else in the outside world understands.


Mar 16, 2007
What a nice thread! I agree. Balenciaga is pretty addictive. You either get it or you don't. Thats so well put on saying that the bags are as unique as the owners that carry them.

They really are all different because of the leather so it sets them apart from all other high end bags.