My collection!

  1. My collection :love:

    Chloe medium bracelet bag (raindrops)
    Chloe large bracelet bag (chocolate)
    Chloe paddington (tan)
    Burberry prorsum cinda bag
    Burberry pink check bags
    bags 003.jpg bags 004.jpg bags 009.jpg bags 007.jpg bags 006.jpg
  2. Oh my god, I absolutely adore the Chloe bracelet bag !!

    I love your collection, someone loves the Chloe ! ;)
  3. Cute!!! :biggrin:
  4. I love your chloe bracelet bag!!
  5. Very cute!
  6. I absolutely adore the Chloe bracelet bag and the paddy:biggrin:
  7. i love the candey cheak burberrys.
  8. Wonderful collection ... love:love: your Chloe bags!!
  9. Cute collection!
  10. I love the bracelet bag! It's beautiful!
  11. More bags to be posted...

    1) Miu miu crocodile embossed handbag
    2) Vintage Miu Miu bag
    3) Karen Millen chocolate handbag with flower detail bags 010.jpg

    bags 005.jpg

    bags 008.jpg
  12. Great collection! Love the paddy and the burberry bags!
  13. I've been a huge fan of the bracelet bag for as long as I can remember... GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
  14. :love: :love: :love: I've been searching everywhere for that bracelet bag!!! Gimmi gimmi Please:cry:
  15. is everyone here refering to the large leather one or the small beaded one? I adore the small beaded one but although it is meant to be 'medium' sized, i cant even fit my wallet in! but ideal for a night out with just keys, small purse and mobile - not a very practical bag as it is really quite heavy, but it is indeed gorgeous!

    I absolutely adore Chloe - everything!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: Want to expand my collection though, either another Chloe or a fendi spy. need to save up first! As am only a college student!