My collection is growing!!! Check out what I got....*PICS*

  1. I bought my first Louis Vuitton this past fall (A Mono Speedy 30). Soon after I got a Mono Petite Noé. I LOVE my bags but I've used my speedy the most.

    Now, even though I love my speedy 30 it is a bit big for me. I don't normally carry enough to fill the bag so I've been eying smaller bags that are more my fit and for time I don't feel like lugging around my speedy with all the stuff I don't really need to be carrying around.

    Well today I stopped by the mall and went to the LV boutique in Saks to have a look around and I feel in love. I did not plan on getting anything today but after walking around the mall for some time I came back to the boutique and I just caved and bought my lovely Popincourt.

    I took some pictures to share with everyone, I'm proud to show off the new member of my LV family....




    And here is my small collection....

  2. pretty collections! congrats!
  3. my mom just walked pass me and she saw your lovley Popincourt!
    She is SO envious of you! LOL! Isnt it so cute IRL?? Congrats!! yay!!
  4. i really love all three of your bags. I recently sold my popincourt but it sure is a lovely bag.
  5. cute popincourt! i like the style of it but I already have the popincourt haut. it's so cute to carry on the crook of your arm. :smile:
  6. Nice~~~~
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Congrats, they are all lovely.
  9. Thank you everyone

    I forgot one picture...

    This is basically everything I need in my purse. The only thing missing in there is my camera (which I was useing at the time...), which is small and would fit very easily. I have plently of room, plus I love the way this bag opens and the room it has, although small.

  10. very cute! congrats!
  11. love your bags
  12. Very nice-congrats!!
  13. Nice!! Congratulations!
  14. Oh, the pop is one of my favorite shapes! It's adorable :love: congrats!!!
  15. Great collection. Congratulations.