My Collection: An Ode to the Twiggy : )

  1. This week just worked out this way. A 3 bag addition of green bags in 4 days!

    I have had my name down at Saks since November for a Vert Gazon Twiggy, then Erica with HGBags came through with a *stunning* Vert Gazon. mah 'lil Iguana : ) The leather and colour are simply amazing and I am so glad to have her.

    Then I BIN'd a "have to have NOW" 04 Seafoam Twiggy with the pewter hardware. I think she's in great shape and the colour is just so very, very pretty. I adore the contrast of pewter hardware.

    I then totally scored a gorgeous Pistachio from a fellow tPFer, thanks MaxMara, she was so sweet and shipped the very next day!

    I have taken updated pictures of my whole collection and this is also the debut for my Rouge Vif (another gorgeous addition from Erica with HGbags) and a lovely, lovely 05 Caramel.

    Thanks for looking!

    I wish you well,


    First pic of the Green Girls. 04 Pistachio on top, 07 Vert Gazon on bottom row, left, 04 Seafoam w/ pewter on bottom row, right. :heart::heart::heart:

    Second pic. Clockwise from 12 o'clock position (kind of!): 06 Rouge Vif, 06 Rouille, 04 Pistachio, 04 Seafoam, 07 Vert Gazon, 06 Cornflower.

    Third pic. Clockwise from 12 o'clock position: 06 Ink, 06 Grey, 04 Black w/ pewter hardware, 06 Origan, 05 Caramel and finally, 05 Sky Blue.
    Green girls.jpg Ode to Twiggys 01.jpg Ode to Twiggys 02.jpg
  2. Lvely pics all of your twiggys they are tdf!!!! Thanks for sharing !!:yes:
  3. Lordy, you've been busy! And you have a gajillion twiggies!

    I have one but think I'm ready for another. What keeps you coming back to this style? I know a lot of people don't like the droopy ends, but I love those!
  4. Your collection is beautiful! It's official - I need a twiggy! :yes:
  5. Thanks so much : )

    HGF, I don't have a problem with droopy ends, most of my things fit to the right (cheque book, photo's a memo pad) and all my odds 'n ends go to the left (make up bag, lint remover, tissues), so I really don't have an issue with droopage. : )

    This is the style that I have loved from the beginning and just works for me : )

    I wish you well,

  6. OMG!!! That's a whole lot a twiggys. How beautiful. I just love the Rouge Vif, Vert Gazon, and Origan. Just gorgeous.

    Congratulations on such an amazing collection.
  7. great collection!!! wow guess i shouldn't feel so bad anymore about wanting more boxes!!!
  8. WOW...I wonder what your favorite style is?!:roflmfao: LOVE the color choices!
  9. omg! 12 twiggy's! they looks so beautiful! liek rainbow flowers! congrats on your new finds!
  10. wow, how stunning they look next to each other!!
  11. Love love love your collection. THe colors are wonderful, leathers tdf. COngrats and thanks for sharing. Now I don't feel so bad about having so many Days! When you find your bag...
  12. OMG ... absolutely drool-worthy!:drool:

    I love twiggies too ... I only have 2 Bbags, both twiggies! I would love to have a collection like yours someday!:girlsigh:
  13. That's just unreal! So gorgeous! The greens on the grass are fabulous!

    The twiggy is often overlooked for the city, such a great bag! :love:
  14. I love all your twiggys! I would trade my whole collection in for the same colors only in twiggys. I think they are my favorite:smile: Gorgeous collection.
  15. wow, congrats Bridget-girl, you're the twiggy queen <<<hugs>>> :queen: