My Coffer Pics ~

  1. Mew Mew :smile: (Minette sorta means Kitty-Kat)


  2. Oh how lucky, it looks great! :}
  3. Wow, it looks lovely on you! :heart:
  4. stunning!!! i absolutely adore the've got a great color there as well! congrats!
  5. Everytime I decide I'm over this bag somebody shows how great it actually looks :confused1:

    It is gorgeus and the color is lovely
  6. Gorgeous! You look FAB with it, congrats & enjoy. =)
  7. It looks so good on you...Can I ask you a question? I just bought a miu miu coffer bag in black patent leather today, and my SA said the patent leather one is spring/summer collection for 2007. Did she say the truth or she just try to sell me the bag. And by the way, I am new member to this forum and I want to say everybody.:smile:
  8. Welcome to TPF and the bag is so pretty! It looks great on you
  9. Gorgeous! I love it.
  10. The leather looks absolutely amazing! Congrats on a fabulous bag!
  11. Oh, thanks everyone!! I'm glad there are a bunch of Coffer fans!

    MrsBudi -- I really don't know Miu Miu well enough to answer your question about the patent leather... sorry :sad:
  12. looks nice on you.
  13. cute the leather looks yummy!
  14. I love it!! It looks great on you!
  15. looks great!!