My Cles zipper is damaged!

  1. Hi all...I bought a mono cles in April and love it. I have been usng it everyday and the other day I noticed that the zipper seemed to always stick in the middle.

    After careful examination I noticed that the material close to the zipper is beginning to wear and there seems to be a small hole...I know eventually the zipper will break...:sad:

    Now my question is...Will LV repair it...and if so will they charge me for it?

    I'm kind of disappointed that it didn't last longer...considering it is LV
  2. Unfortunately this may be one of this issues that they might consider 'wear & tear'-- but I would def take it to your LV and see what they say... items are under warranty for 1 year... hopefully this would be included... Good Luck
  3. You could possibly get the zipper replaced.
  4. take it in and see what they say. good luck!
  5. You have to see what they say. They might replace it.
  6. They should repair it for free of charge under warranty since its been less than a year. I've had my cles for a little less than a year and the last few months I've been using it everyday and it still looks new so I would disagree that its wear and tear, though they might say that.
  7. They'll probably try to charge you. Just be pushy, and they'll accommodate you. They want return customers.
  8. I have my zipper pull replaced for no charge... but it all depends on the S.A. whether or not they'll do it for free.. also if the warranty covers it...

    Just see what they say, hopefully they can do something for you :smile:
  9. oh I hope you get it fixed for free! it hasn't even been a year yet