My Christmas gifts from husband...

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  1. I spotted the bag on eBay and while it spoils the element of surprise, there was NO way a deal like that would be found again (by me anyway) for a color I've been searching for. The seller emailed me two days later and said she got in the matching zip clutch (I think she does cosignment and sells on eBay). She said the seller would accept an offer, and I made one...and they accepted it!

    It's going to be SO HARD to have these beauties in the house and not be able to use them, but Christmas is only a month+ away.

    Both are obviously used, but I don't even are about that. And there's NO WAY on this great earth my husband would ever spend $900+ on a bag and $395 on a wallet. :lol:
    zipclutch.jpg zipclutch2.jpg maroonesophia.JPG
  2. Totally HAWT!!!! Is that the maroon color? i love the sophia, gotta get one myself someday. i don't think i'll be able to ask for another bag for christmas, wonder if my hubs will say ok to the Canon Digital Rebel XTi :blink: Hehe...

    Enjoy the sophia + zc. You'll get sooo much use out of them! :smile:
  3. Wow, love the color! I know it will be hard to wait to wear those new beauties. What a great X-mas gift!
  4. Dawn, congrats!
    Like Z, I believe your clutch is Maroon. Yes?
    These beauties are worth waiting for. =)
  5. Hope you will able to get Canon Digital Rebel XTi, men should be okay with gadgets! =)
  6. Zoinksta - thanks! Yes, both are Maroon. I love the style of Sophia - I've tried the Blake and really want to love it, but it's just not comfortable on my shoulder (and I don't like carrying handbags). I hope your husband gets the Canon for you - that would be a greatgift. And you could take lots of pictures of your purses. :smile:

    Gracefeng - thank you! I can't believe I was able to find both. The eBay seller said she wanted to keep the two together and that's why she offered it to me before listing it. Probably the best eBay seller I've ever dealt with in my seven years on there!

    Helena - Thank you! :smile: Yep, both are Maroon. I'm so happy I didn't buy the black/gold hardware zip clutch now. YAY.

  7. Love the wallet. Beautiful color! Congrats. :yes:
  8. oooh lucky! i always try to search for a zip clutch on ebay, but most of the ones I come across are fakes.. eeek.. which seller was this if you dont mind me asking!?
  9. Wow, you got an awesome deal! I have been debating about whether or not to get a maroon multipocket that's currently listed, but I think I convinced my husband to get the espresso color instead...I guess I'll find out at Christmas!

    Congrats Dawn!;)
  10. Lucky you! I have the same bag but would love to have the wallet. It's a beautiful set! Merry Xmas!
  11. Oh ... very, very nice!! The maroon is a beautiful color! Congratulations!!
  12. gorgeous color! happy christmas!