My choice: my first Celine bag!

  1. Hi! In the end I decided about my first Nano bag colour! I fell in love with this stunning tricolor version! :heart:
    I'm truly happy!
  2. Another picture. :smile:
  3. It's gorgeous! Congratulations. I just bought my first Celine too and they are such classics. You really picked a winner!
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  4. Thanks!!! I truly am in love! :smile:
  5. Enjoy the beauty!
  6. Congratulations! I love the Nano bags in Tricolors, really makes these bags pop! Great choice :smile:
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  7. Thank you!!! The more I wear her, the more I fall in love!
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  8. This bag is gorgeous!!!!
  9. Thank you! She’s also lightweight and comfortable!
  10. Totally LOVE LOVE LOVE this color combo for the nano.....SUPER GORGEOUS!!
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  11. Thanks! And I’m wearing her a lot! When I bought her, here was Summer. Now it’s almost winter and I’m still using her. The colors are stunning. :smile:
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  12. Congrats!
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  13. Thanks!
  14. I am excited for you! That is one gorgeous bag!! I actually am waiting on a bag in this same color combo in the Micro style. Your pictures are now making me impatient for it’s arrival! Enjoy!
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  15. Thank you! Let me know about your bag!