My Charming Miss Piggy

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  1. I have been sooo blessed by wonderful H angels for finding this little baby~~
    My latest addition ~~ Miss Piggy ^_^
  2. My little Piggy is 33 yrs old~~ not too shabby for such an oldie non ?!?
  3. OMG!!! is that a barenia and toile/crinoline passe guide??? absolutely unique and stunning...and fabulous for 33!!! many congrats boo :smile: love your H collection..
  4. You have adorable pictures and your vintage passé guide is tdf!
  5. Hugs chincac~~ Thank you ~ yup! She is courchevel and toile on the outside and I believe the interior is barenia because it's soooo buttery ;)
  6. wow boo! She's gorgeous and a great addition to your collection! :yahoo:
  7. Love the charms on these 4 of a kind special Passé Guide ~~
  8. So I thought I'd give my little Piggy similar looks ^_^

    Look #1 ~ fur Pom Pom
  9. Look #2 ~ flying dragon
  10. Look #3 ~ Lucky Clover
  11. thank you...gosh barenia lined!! even better...and love your cute!
  12. Look #4 ~ Giant Kilt Pin
  13. Oh my goodness. This is absolutely perfect looking. Where did you find this rare beauty? It is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Now all you need is the piggie charm in pink to go with it too.
  14. Wow, very nice. Amazing condition for being 33 years old. Congrats on this amazing bag.
  15. Xoxoxoxo dear bags to die for ~~~ she is something totally unexpected and I'm so happy she turned out so pretty ;) thank you !!