My chanel No.3--> JUMBO!!! Such a happy family now :D

  1. So I actually did it, I bought a Jumbo. I was totally not going to buy one for a while... but I couldn't help myself, all you girls talking about the increase and all, made me quite restless...
    So one saturday, I picked up the phone and called chanel Amsterdam to ask if they had a red or brown jumbo and they did.. (I actually realised the red jumbo they had there was the probably the same one as the one this girl had send to the UK -> another thread where there were some tears in the leather and discolorization :wtf:)

    She described the brown one for me (which had my preference) and then I told her I would come by soon to see them IRL and make a decision...
    Then I remembered seeing the brown one she decribed on eBay a few days before! It was a bit less expensive than purchasing from the boutique (not the BIN though..) and after having it thoroughly checked out by the girls in the 'authenticate this' thread I decided to bid on it.
    I got it for 250 euros less than in the boutique (and it is new with box and everything and all..)which justified it for me, buying it now in stead of waiting a while..
    (actually not so recommended, because I was SOOOO nervous about it not being a real one!)

    So now it's here and it's defenitely REAL and as pretty as it should be!:yahoo:
    And such a perfect size!! And the color! Oh, it's like a perfect chocolate color! The HW is brushed silver for a 'vintage' look and the lambskin is treated in a way to align with it (not sure what they did to it, but this is actually what the girl from the chanel boutique explained to me..)

    The last pic is from my humble chanel family now (the patent Madison and a waist bag that I bought an extra chain for so I can also wear it as a shoulder bag..)

    Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement and my new treasure. Hope you girls enjoy the pics!
    jumbo1.JPG jumbo2.JPG chanelfamily.JPG
  2. wow congrats!!! love your chanel family!!
  3. Gorgeous, congrats!
  4. congrates, but the way i love the black one on the left. dont know the name sorry .
  5. Congrats. Your new bag is beautiful. Love your family.
  6. Thanx, It's the patent Madison.. I also still love it to pieces, it also holds so much because of the 2 compartments inside..
  7. Congrats on your new bag !:yes: I looove your Madison!!:heart::drool:
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. Simply stunning!!! congrats!!! Love the luscious color!
  10. Roxana, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jumbo... it's so gorgeous...! Congrats and enjoy!
  11. The bag is absolutely gorgeous !! Love it, love it
  12. Happy Family! I love it!
  13. omg brown Chanels are fast becoming my favorite color! Congratulations on your good deal, and your beautiful family!!
  14. Congrats! great choice:tup:
  15. thanks everyone on the nice compliments!

    And Fanaddict: yes I'm also really into brown bags right now.. but then again, maybe it's just the feeling of fall that has come over me.. I'm just so sensitive to seasons :smile:

    And the pictures really don't even do the lovely color justice! It's such a nice shiny color brown...