my chain drawstring is here, but i can't take it home!

  1. :crybaby:

    long story.....

    so i got this drawstring on eBay at the end of feb. and so happy to finally found it! :wlae:

    BUT.... the seller sent it to me marked as full value of 360$! :sweatdrop:
    uh oh.... i was waiting on how much i have to pay for the custom, and one morning, a guy from the custom called asking that i have this item shipped and wondering what's in it? he asked if it's a ring or something valuable? i said no, it's a pouch!
    he asked it is 360$ value, and if i want to get this i have to pay around 200$ through legal custom! and he asked if i needed any "help"
    okay... so i asked how much do i have to pay for his "help". he said 80$! so i said, "no, thank you. i'd rather have this shipped to the sender"

    and i thought i just have to wait to get the legal custom letter and having the drawstring shipped back, i waited for 2 weeks, until ANOTHER guy called me and offered me another "help"
    i said "NO! thanks"
    so, what's going on in my head is that the custom kept my item for 2 weeks in "hope" i would give up and paid of the "help"

    so after ANOTHER week waiting, finally i got the letter from the post office with the formal custom value to be paid which is 210$! mind you, it is 210$ out of 360$! it's like 2/3 of the value! :cursing:

    i just got back from the post yesterday to have it shipped back to the seller and already emailed her to shipped this back to me with 50$ value mentioned later.
    i'd rather spend 20$ for the shipping cost back here than paying 2/3 of the price of it OR bribed someone for 80$!

    maybe some of you though what i did is illegal, but honestly... which country TAXED ME 2/3 of the value price for this? and having people inside to "help" to not get through the legal custom?

    sooooo... to make myself a little better, here's the pic of the chain drawstring from the seller :heart:
    isn't it cute :love:



    it's 7.75 inches high, 6.5 inches wide
  2. Pretty...I think I remember seeing this bag on eBay! GREAT buy! I hope you get it this next time without any problems.
  3. It's so cool...haven't seen anything like it before.
  4. thanks :smile:

    yes, it's on eBay some times ago, i've been wanted it for so long, esp ever since i saw burukogepanda's :love:

    actually she's the one who helped me found this, she PMed me about this auction and i just click BIN without hesiation :p
  5. Ohh Seahorse your new bag is really cute, I'm sorry that you have had so much trouble to even get your hands on it, I hope you get it soon.:yes:
  6. seahorseinstripes : i can totally understand ur situation. In fact, i almost wanted to bid your pouch but ended up you won this auction...really envy you and lucky gal:love: :love: ....i guess i have to try my luck next time...btw, i'm not sure if this works in your country but in singapore, i have this experience before, the seller forgot to mention the item as a GIFT, in the end she declared full value of the bag and the custom withhold my package and ask me to pay government tax for this item...i was frustrated and sent an email back to the seller and asked her if she can replied to me by proof sayin it is a gift and we are the end, the custom accepted my explanation with the printed email for their reference.....:dothewave:
  7. Oh I totally understand and get it. I live in Canada and hate having stuff shipped from the US or anywhere else. The taxes and duty can easily add 40% or more to the total.
  8. i really hate custom tax:push: . that is why i try to avoid purchasing outside of the US. i remember seeing your little cutie on ebay. hope you will be united with her soon.
  9. I'm like you, robotdoll, I don't buy anything out of the US even if I really love it because of customs! I hate that but it's such a hassel!:cursing:
  10. Wow, I am appalled by the amount charged for customs! Is that typical? Also, did you consider reporting the people that offered their "help". It seems a bit like extortion. Good luck!
  11. Don't deal with customs next time. Maybe you could've asked the seller to indicate it as a "gift". But it's a bit too late. Just the whole hassle would make me drop this bag.

    When asked to declare the value (I'm a random seller on eBay btw), I usually put down $100 even if it's for a $1,000 bag! I just do it for myself and my clients. Logically, I don't believe customs should tax recipients, it's anti-business. :confused1:
  12. What a hassle! But what a beautiful bag! So unique. I think the hassle will be worth it. No one around you will have that bag it is truly a work of art!
  13. aww, i'm so sorry, seahorse! that really sucks! and omg, those people offering "help"... :shocked:

    i hope it arrives quickly and safely when it's shipped again.

    but i have to say... that pouch is so cute! i think i say this EVERYTIME you post your accessories, but i really do love bal accessories more than the bags! hehe. i think i need to be on the lookout for this particular chain drawstring one! :love: congrats, girlie, and good luck!!!
  14. OMg that's awful it's a cute bag and I hope you get her soon!
  15. i would love to report them, but i don't believe they will do anything about that, they're the insiders...

    our government just suck.

    u know, i was once asked for a funding to my project to the tourism department board, and without reading my proposal, they asked me to signed a paper stated an amount of money, but they say they would only give me like 10% of the amount that i will signed!
    WTF! and when someone get caught on this corruption thing, that would be MEEEEE!

    of course i said no, and he said that "naive" people like me would never succeed!

    celia, i did click the BIN because afraid that people would bidding and it would go outside of the BIN price LOL.

    chuggie, in here things like that is typical. my friend was shipped a CD collection of the new yorkers, and he also experienced trouble getting it. customs said that he must proved that this is legal etc. hell, the new yorkers even already gave a letter stating the contain of the CDs.
    but the problem is the amount of custom is random, no one knows exactly. like when i was sent a 1000$ worth of bottega bag, i only have to pay 120$ which is fine to me. but for a 600$ LV bag, they asked for 450$. and now for this small 360$ pouch that i believe they don't eve know the brand, they asked for 210$.
    it's just total random!

    wow, Sunspark, canada is almost as high as in here!

    and i do agree with you in some point Grande Latte. the custom business favoured "big" corporates sometimes and not allowing us mere people to purchase some thing personally, not through their business.

    i think that for business purpose, custom is fine. but for personal use, i don't know...