My cat needs a new TV

  1. My littlest baby is 3 and was not getting along well with his older brother (13). Things got really bad and the baby started urinating outside the litter box. My vet told me to get another litter box and to separate them. It sounded so cruel! Baby had run of the house all day and locking him up seemed so heartless. But then I cleaned and found dried puddles and decided it was time to give it a try.

    It worked perfectly. I moved his litter box into my bedroom, put down food dishes for him and locked him in. I left the TV on Animal Planet for him. It turned out that he LOVES Animal Planet. He ignores the squirrels and birds outside to watch kangaroos and emus.

    And when I let him out to give him full run of the house at night, there is no fighting anymore.

    Baby deserves a treat. I'd like to get him an HD TV so he can see his furry friends in high definition. I'm sure he won't mind when I want to watch Nip/Tuck...
  2. HDTV for the cat--makes sense to me! Sounds like you've solved the problem.

    Some animals will watch tv and others just ignore it--the dog we have now doesn't even know it's there unless he hears an animal noise. Maybe cats are more curious??
  3. I don't suppose your cat might be a little bit spoiled? :p I think HD TV is the perfect gift for a well behaved cat. Go for it. LOL
  4. I love it!!! You're the only person I've ever heard of who has a TV for her cats besides me. Mine have an HD TV in their "suite".

    A few years ago when we adopted one of my dogs Casey, he was just crazy and kept chasing the cats. Eventually a truce was called and the neutral territory is a bedroom with a lovely window, cozy bed, beautiful art work, and wool rugs. Their room has a walk-in closet and a connecting bathroom. They couldn't be happier and he leaves them alone in this section of the house.

    Anyway, I turn the TV on for them all the time.

    LOL! You're a great kitty mom!
  5. One of my cats always runs and sits in front of the TV when animals come on. He loves watching Meerkat Manor with me.
  6. Too cute. Isn't it amazing how what our cats will do?;)
  7. if only my cat does thta tooo...:yes:
  8. so cute!

    when my poodle was a puppy i'd crate him ad leave animal planet on for him too!
  9. my cat hates tv :push:
  10. hahaha cute!
  11. OMG! That's hysterical!!

    Restrictor, I think it's perfectly fine to use your cat as a reason to get a HD TV... why not? I leave a TV on for the animals when I'm out too. Cats especially enjoy the lights and movement of a TV set. Our one cat, Phaser, enjoys watching me lay cards on the laptop too.

    And I thought I was the only nut when it came to animals... :roflmfao:
  12. My cat Cosmo watched TV, too. It's so funny! He'll just stare, mesmerized, jerking his litlle head back and forth with the movement of the images. As he watches he will inch closer and closer until he can't stand it anymore! He leaps up at the screen, flailing at it with his paws! It's adorable!
  13. That is so cute!

    My dogs don't watch TV. Once my older dog heard her name when I showed a video of her but that was one time only - she figured it out.

    Any other good excuses why I need to upgrade? So sick of my old fat TV.
  14. Of course your kitty needs a new tv! :yes: My poor kitty has to live outside now because my DF is terribly allergic. :crybaby: So, I bought her a house (an outbuilding), put in A/C, electricity for her heated blankie, her favorite rocking chair, a floor-to-ceiling climbing post, a hanging cat napper, and pretty curtains in her window! :nuts: My DF and future SS think I'm nuts, but the fur-babies must be kept happy. :lol: