My cat is spraying everywhere! I think he's frustrated!

  1. Well, I have 3 adult male cats, and 1 female. 2 of the males have done it with the female and have produced kittens. This 1 male is the odd one out. I dunno why, but the female dislikes him so much. She wouldn't let him touch her. Now this 1 male cat is spraying everywhere daily and my whole office (I keep my cats in the office, my office is like a house, not in a building or like that) smells of urine! I haven't consulted with the vet, but one day when I was buying cat food I talked about this problem with the lady owner, and she said it's a sign that he's frustrated coz he wanted to mate. Is this true?

    I also want to add, that out of all my cats, this 1 male is the only ginger colored cat, others are white and black, or white and gray. He really stands out from the others coz of his coloring. Is coloring a factor too?

    This 1 male cat, his name is Kuning btw, is the biggest, and has a bossy/dominance personality. I think he regards himself as the alpha male. I can see his bossy attitude even when he was a kitten. He's just naughty and isn't scared of anything, LOL!!
    So, with his alpha male attitude and his inability to wooed my lady cat, he's getting really frustrated. He also hates my other cat, his name is Kecil, he's the one who fathered the last litter. Kecil is younger than Kuning, and was taken to the household after Kuning, so Kuning def regarded Kecil as nothing, yet Kecil was able to wooed my lady cat, and my lady cat loves Kecil and is very affectionate to him.

    All this is making Kuning really angry!

    He started to attack Kecil for no reason almost daily. They would fight constantly, and I mean really fight. I was forced to separate the two and bought another cage :hysteric:.
    All these problems are still continuing to this day, with no solution. I have to keep my eyes constantly on their movements (they are in cages during the night, and are let out inside the office when I'm there during the day), and when I see one of them hissing or is about to attack, I have to separate them.

    To add to Kuning's insult, everytime Kuning and Kecil fought, my lady cat always always stand up for Kecil and would not hesitate to strike a blow or two at Kuning. I would feel sorry for Kuning everytime this happened and would take him aside and put him on my lap and just cuddled him.

    I really need all the input I can get, as I'm sitting here clueless of what to do!

    Oh, this is a picture of Kuning btw.. lounging lazily in his litterbox.. Kecil is in the background..
  2. I forgot to add, that all the bullying by Kuning has taken a toll on Kecil too. I think Kecil too now is stressed. I was looking at some symptoms of stress on cats at this site, and this is what they said:

    • Spraying (even in neuters)
    • Inappropriate elimination
    • Pacing back and forth at perimeters of fences
    • Loss of appetite
    • Pulling out of fur
    • Trembling
    • Excessive meowing
    • Hiding from the world, under beds, behind curtains etc
    • Physical symptoms and illness

    Those in bold are found in Kecil. Thank god he's not starting to lose appetite though, otherwise I would be real worried. I noticed when the bullying was excessive, Kecil would just stay under the table, but lately the lady cat was in heat again I think, coz I noticed the male cats going after her, and bullied or not Kecil just couldn't resist the tempation, LOL! He had to join the force!
  3. My best suggestion is to get the boys neutered and the girl spayed. I have 2 boys and 1 girl cat (all altered) and I have no problems with agression or spraying at all.

    I really believe this will solve your problems. Good luck!
  4. he really needs to be neutered... you're really asking for trouble with 3 un-neutered male cats. after he's neutered he'll be a better kitty. good luck.
  5. I agree with the others, you definitely need to have the males neutered. I'm actually really suprised that you haven't had a spraying problem sooner, males that aren't neutered are very territorial and are much more aggressive than ones that have been neutered.
  6. Sometimes spraying can indicate a urinary tract infection too.
    But please, get the entire batch spayed & neutered, it's best all around for all the animals, and you will not have to deal with female cats in heat, males with their strutting & overpopulation of cats.
  7. Why are you bringing more kittens into the world? There are so many unwanted kittens that are killed each year I don't understand why (unless you are a breeder) you would have cats that are not fixed. Have all 3 cats fixed and your problem should disappear, although I have seen neutered cats continue to spray if that bad behavior had already started.
  8. Actually, I am thinking of having the female spayed. She's still nursing her litter at the moment and the vet said it is best to bring her in maybe next month. At the moment, I am separating the female from the others coz I have noticed the signs that the males are starting to chase her again. She sleeps in her own cage with the kittens and is to be let out only when the others are in their cages. It's the least I can do for now. I noticed the males are calmer now that she's not in the same room as them. The spraying and fights still happen, but not as often.

    The other male cats dont have this problem, it is only this one cat. Before all this, they all got along fine.

    Do you think spaying the female only will stop this problem? Spaying/neutering costs $90 for each cat according to my vet, and it's not only about the money, it's such a big operation imo. I can still remember when my dog had it I felt so sorry for him with the big, swollen stitches. If it's enough to do it just to the female, then I dont want to put the others to the pain and discomfort of the operation.

    And to answer Cindi's question.. no I am not a breeder, I was only taking stray cats and to be honest I dont know much about cat reproduction. When the female had her 1st litter of 2 kittens this January I thought okay I dont mind the additions. But then she had another litter of 4 this September and I was so surprised, hell I didnt even realize that she was pregnant (she didnt look that big). Call it stupid or whatever but I truly didnt realize it could be so soon. I know after this that this would be the last, as 10 is the max number of cats I can take. I am currently building a new office and already 2 rooms are being build just for them.
    I thought I can separate the female everytime she's in heat, but seeing the spraying and fighting problem I am now convinced that she needs to be fixed (and her daughter too when she's old enough).

    Thanks for all the response :smile:
  9. Yea, don't feel bad about the procedure. The neutering is a routine operation and some vets do it for discount if they were strays. It lowers their risks of some illnesses when they're older, too. Think about the poor kittens.
  10. No. The males need to be neutered if you want the spraying to stop. My godmother had a male cat and he was the only cat she had. He sprayed the entire house. (and that smell is hard to remove) The ONLY thing that caused it to stop was having him neutered.

  11. Ah yes! My vet once told me she would do a discount for strays. I think I should mention it again to her that my cats are strays. I hope she still does this wonderful program.
    Actually, thinking about the kittens, especially this last litter of 4 is making me real guilty. I mean, I love them very dearly and have no intention on giving them away whatsoever. But on the other hand, it's getting too crowded and I know that it's time to put a stop to this. I guess it's better late than never, huh..

    Nathans, thanks for the answer.. I will see how it goes with the female first.
  12. neuterting a male is much easier than spaying a female. the males won't even need stiches, they use a glue. they're be up and going within a few hours of the surgery. see if your shelters offer a discount, or a neuter scooter. we've done it a couple of times, because it can be quite expensive. which really bugs me, because vets could really be the first line of defence when it comes to the pet over-population. if spaying/neutering were much more afordable, more people would do it sooner. but seriously, look around you'd be surprised at how many places offer discount spay/neuter... good luck!!!
  13. The neutering operation is really very easy and common. And it is much better for your pet in the long run. Having them fixed reduces the chances of cancer later in life. You really need to have all of your cats fixed as soon as you are able. Depending on where you are you might find a Humane Society that does low cost neuter for stray cats.
  14. Where I live there is no such thing as RSPCA or Humane Society unfortunately :sad: Animals are not as highly regarded over here as in the West, it's pretty sad. No animal shelters as far as I know. I live in Indonesia btw.

    But I will talk to my vet again about the discount coz she did say that she offer discount for fixing up stray cats, and my cats are all strays. 90 bucks each for 4 cats is quite steep, I might not be able to do it all at once, but if she agrees with the discount I will def fix them all.
    I want my cats to have long healthy lives, and I dont want them to procreate anymore, it's just not fair to any of us.

    I will call the vet next week and will update on the situation.
  15. thanks for taking the kitties in!!!! i really do hope that your vet will help you out, at least a multi-pet discount... good luck! i know you're trying your best to give them a better life than they had before. if you can't do them all at once, i would suggest that the female, & the male (whose spraying) should be spayed/neuterd first. :tup: