My buyer never rec. her package. What to do?

  1. I sold a bunch of my Dooney items on eBay, about 25 of them. I figured I might get more sales if I offered free shipping so I did so. Of the 25 packages 24 of them got where they were going. only 2 of the buyers wanted to pay for insurance or tracking. The last package was also sent parcel post with no insurance or tracking. Is a seller REQUIRED to pay for insurance or tracking? I feel bad that the bag did not get to her but should I have to return her payment after sending her the item? Isn't that a risk she takes if she chooses not to pay for tracking or insurance? I am going to the post office on Tuesday to see if they can find it. Is there anything I can do? Is there anything I should do?? I don't have a store. 90% of the time I only buy on eBay. Every once in a while I sell a few things so I don't really know everything about what is required of sellers. She has filed a Paypal claim and I don't know what I can do. Am I responsible for packages lost in the mail? I have learned a lesson from this. No more free shipping and tracking required on every package. Sometimes I really hate eBay. :cursing:
  2. I just had this problem a few weeks ago. My boyfriend sold a brand new cell phone on eBay and the person who bought it wanted insurance and a tracking number. I ended up taking it to the post office for him because there is one right across the street from my work. I mailed it off fine and then a few days later I bought a new wallet and cleaned out my old one.. I threw away tons of receipts and papers that were in there and the slips from the cell phone package were in there also. A week later my boyfriend got an email from the person saying they never received the phone.. we jumped through fifty million hoops to try and find the package... it was never found. The post office will not be able to track the package at all if you do not have the tracking number. They are not even able to track it with a transaction number on the receipt. We're still in the middle of this right now... good luck, and keep us posted. I don't think that you should be held responsible if the buyer did not pay for tracking or insurance. Make sure you let Paypal know that she did not want these things when you are responding to the claim.
  3. Hey Cindi. I feel your pain !! I mostly buy but sometimes do sell stuff on e bay. I learned the hard way just like you that you SHOULD always insure your packages. As a seller you are NOT required to insure stuff but for piece of mind I REQUIRE insurance on everything I sell on ebay. Basically at this point there is nothing you can do.:shrugs: I hate to say it but if she has filed a claim with Paypal and you have no PROOF of the shipping you are probably going to have to pay her. It really sucks !:sad:

    Here is a part of what I write in all of my e bay descriptions:

    "Insurance is mandatory regardless of the price of the item. If you do not want insurance on your item, do not bid on any of my auctions. Insurance is for everyone's peace of mind. Insurance rates are set by USPS. Price of USPS insurance may be shown in original listing based on the starting bid. Price of insurance will change when bid increases. $1.35 for .01 to $50.00 coverage, $2.30 for $50.01 to $100.00 coverage and so on. Please check USPS website for more information."
  4. As the seller you are responsible for the package. The insurance is for your protection, not the buyers. If a Paypal claim is filed and you cannot provide tracking info, or if the package is lost or damaged you are responsible, even if you have a disclaimer in your auction that you are not responsible if no insurance is purchased. I learned this when I filed a claim against a seller for receiving an item that was damaged. There was no insurance, she claimed no responsibility, but Paypal found in my favor and I received a refund. Sorry for the bad news!
  5. I am sure that I mentioned this on an earlier thread. However, I cant locate it.

    After having lost a package, I have recently been through this, and have read absolutely thousands (no joking) of threads in forums about the expectations.

    It looks that EBay/Paypal are clear on the proof of postage is not proof of delivery.

    In cases where paypal has been used, paypal will more than likely take the buyers view and refund the buyer (if the funds are available), not sure what happens if the funds are not available. Although, this was also discussed on another thread. IIRC the one about the J12.

    If I am buying anything now, or attempting to bid, I check with the seller first to ask if they will send it special delivery for me, and I will pay the additional!!!! This is my choice, and I realise that not everyone is prepared to do that, I just dont like the thought of the seller losing out either (if they are genuine), if they say no, well then I would move on and take my business elsewhere.

  6. For sellers to be protected under Paypal's sellers protection policy (ie for an item not received claim to be won by the seller) they must:
    1. Ship with Delivery Confirmation
    2. Ship to a confirmed address
    3. Ship within 7 days
    4. If the item is worth more than $150 it must be shipped with signature confirmation

    Insurance is for the protection of the seller, not the buyer, as until the item is DELIVERED safely, the buyer will always win a claim.

    I'd recommend that all items should be shipped with DC. If you print out shipping from paypal, Delivery Confirmation is free for Priority Mail.

    I would ask the buyer to wait a few more days to see if it has been delivered. If it isn't, I would refund her, rather than have paypal force you to do so, and ask her to repay if the item shows up.
  7. Cindi, the above statements are correct, the seller is responsible for getting the item to the buyer. The seller can therefore require any type of tracking or insurance that they see fit. I'd definitely start with your post office first and see what they can do.

    Of course, you definitely know this now, but always send at the very least delivery confirmation. Even for cheap items.
  8. Hi Cindi! I ALWAYS purchase delivery confirmation when I send out my packages. It is only 45 cents with priority mail and 55 cents parcel post. The postal worker that i know, says it is well worth getting. I agree.
  9. Well crap. I guess I am out of luck. At least the loss was only $115 so not that big of a deal. Still a bummer. Thanks everyone for the information. I just listed a bunch of items on eBay and all of them are priority shipping with delivery comformation. Stupid question- is DC and tracking the same thing??
  10. Hi Cindi - DC & tracking are two different things. DC is the cheaper option, but generally only gets scanned at the Post Office & then at delivery - not at any in between points. This is all that is required by Paypal. If you want Tracking (which usually shows where the package is more times), you pay extra. I usually just go for Dc.
  11. It happened to me once when I sold a vintage watch and shipped it to France. I refunded in full. Then, the package I mailed showed up in my mailbox three months later.
  12. I bet since it wasnt insured and the buyer saw that there was no tracking that she actually DID get it, yet she will say she didnt so you have to refund her.

    Free shipping or not I ALWAYS insure every package, no matter what the cost of the ebay item. I would rather be out a few bucks for insurance than several hundred to replace a bag or refund a buyer. Its a live and learn thing. You will probably have to refund her.
  13. oh by the way, delivery confirmation means crap. ALWAYS make sure it gets signed for. With DC you cant prove it actually made it to the buyer and it will STILL be you that will have to refund the money to the buyer. Even with regular DC ebay would side with the buyer every time. Make sure its signed for always.
  14. Tracking is the sellers responsiblilty not the buyers, As the seller you need to cover your hiney and that way you have proof you did your part, if she files a claim with paypal you have no proof you sent the item, and she will win.
  15. As has been said, Delivery Confirmation just means that when it gets delivered USPS will scan it. If you are selling anything more expensive than $250 you need to get Signature Confirmation to be protected from a Paypal claim. I also require all buyers to purchase insurance and just include it in my shipping quotes. Think of it this way--if you ordered something from Saks and it never came, you wouldn't just say "oh well"--you would make them give you a refund, whether they insured it or not.