My brand new Flax duffle arrives today!

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  1. No she ended up sinking before the voyage! Had her all loaded, then went to get something out and those corners flopped over and I had to fight the hardware! Emptied her packed her up and shipped her back to Jax!
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  2. Supposed to be here tomorrow! I have a feeling it’ll be love at first sight!
  3. The Kate Spade one looks like stiffer leather so may fit your needs better. I haven't been a KS fan but this one looks nice! I always felt her leathers felt like plastic.

    I've heard others using a shaper in their duffles and should probably consider it myself....when I get around to carrying mine! I had flax on my list but may get turquoise instead. I saw it IRL and it went well with my bronze jacket.
  4. Love this color and bag!
  5. Haha! I can see that happening to me too, but I've drooled over the chili one forever so it has to work! I have 3 of the duffle 20 and that is the one thing that annoys me when setting the bag down is the weight of the hardware! Luckily the 20 is a crossbody so is much easier to use and I switched out the strap on this big one so hoping it works.
  6. I have had a number of Kate spade bags! The leather was always nice. This one is goat leather. While it stands up in the pic, I believe in real life will be smooshy! The difference I see with this bag is I don’t have those giant heavy hooks on the strap. The duffle 20 was almost perfect, just too little! We shall see, Bag is supposed to be delivered today! And now that Coach owns Kate Spade, well makes me less a traitor to Coach! Lol!
  7. In real life the color was no where near as bright and cheerful as this picture! The bag was a muddy mustard! Did not compare to the pic at all. The turquoise duffle did not compare to the pic they had shown! Even the chili duffle was less red than the pic! I know, I’ve had them all! Lol!
  8. Color was way off! Not a bright yellow!
  9. [​IMG]t[​IMG]these two colors don’t match
  10. They look like two totally different colors!
  11. I still think it's lovely. Will you keep it? I'm very tempted to get the Duffel. How are you liking it so far?
  12. I shipped it back yesterday! I was not happy with it!
  13. Kate spade bag is awesome but arrived damaged
    Year of the pig keychain I ordered was not in the box!
    Irritated! Called was given new order number for reorder of bag and missing keychain
    Haven’t seen any emails! When I check my orders online it shows nothing!