My brand new Flax duffle arrives today!

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  1. [​IMG]
    Ms. Flax is due to be delivered today! Believe it or not I’m excited!
    I wandered over to Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff and Tory Burch, but I’m back! Seems Coach has had my heart all along!
    I even did a stint with Balenciaga and Chloe! But, Coach always draws me back. Pictures of her unveiling soon! Lol!
    I even ordered a Wizard of Oz bag charm for her! He,he!
  2. Well I guess I’m wrong! Paid extra for faster shipping and it’s still sitting in Jax! Big bummer!
  3. Nope! It’s sitting in some stores back room! Jax is sold out! She couldn’t even tell me where it was coming from!
  4. Sorry to see the trouble you're having with Coach shipping. If you did pay additional for faster shipping, I'd call Coach to see about getting the extra charge refunded. That is, of course, once it is past the expected arrival day.

    I love these duffles. I know you had an issue with the slouch. I think you can get over that for these delicious bags. I had a Frye bag in a similar color and found I didn't carry it much and eventually sold it. This bag is gorgeous, I saw it in my store last weekend. I'm invariably drawn to the yellow-ish colors but don't use them enough, even at 50% off. Frankly I'm saving for the Duffle with Patchwork which I hope will be available for the next PCE.
  5. Oh yes! The patchwork duffle is awesome! I’ve called coach3x today!
    Tracking has never updated since 12/31!
  6. The leather on the duffle is SO soft and squishy. I am into Hermès now, but I still love my old Coach bags. Even though I did not purchase this duffle, I did pat it for a loooong time in the store haha!
  7. I've had shipping labels created a week ago for 2 of my orders shipping from stores but UPS has yet to pick up. I think they are finally back on their usual schedule so I'm assuming things will start moving today.
  8. Yep I ordered an item on 12/21 and label created on 12/24. Picked up on 12/28 so finally arriving 1/4!
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  9. All my UPS shipments from Bloomingdale's, Macys, and Target have been picked up. My 3 coach orders are still sitting in stores even though they were ordered several days prior.
  10. Maybe Coach's sake just went TOO well? Yes strange with the delays.
  11. Nothing ever updated! 12/31 order was updated to say delivery was today!
    Hah! I’ve called Coach 3X and first was told it would arrive today, then it didn’t ship and then it was coming from a store! Nothing has updated!
  12. Do you have UPS MyChoice? I find if gives better info than Coach.
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  13. Now like a fool I ordered some other stuff, one thing says shipped, the others aren’t even listed!
  14. I'm eyeing the turquoise one! I saw it this weekend and it looked great with the bronze colored coat I had on. I may wait until SAS is over and get at outlet but will have my SA check on stock. I kind of wanted the iced pink rogue, too, and that is now sold least last I checked earlier today.
  15. Hopefully it gets sorted out soon. My coach online account has been really messed up lately. Of course I'm still waiting on my large 12/27 order to be picked up by UPS from the 5th Avenue store. I really thought it would have been picked up today since UPS is back to its regular schedule.