My brand new Flax duffle arrives today!

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  1. It’s here!
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  2. [​IMG]
    With cypress green wallet!
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  3. Beautiful!! Enjoy your new bag!
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  4. It’s SO nice! Love it, want it!
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  5. Lovely! Such a happy color.
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  6. Beautiful color!
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  7. She’s going on her maiden voyage today!
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  8. Update! She is going back today! No more Coach duffles! Just too dang hard to get into! I give up! I ordered a Kate Spade to replace her! An awesome one that has character and a red piggy face charm to go with her!
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  9. how do you mean hard to get into?
  10. The hardware is heavy, always flopping inwards when I want to get in bag. The interior takes two hands to navigate! I guess when I was thinking the duffle was the it bag, I was wrong! I wanted a bucket bag! Found a delightful one on KateSpade website.
    Reminiscent of a rivets duffle! Although more refined and made of goat leather! I used to have some goat skin Balenciaga bags! Anyway since Coach owns Kate Spade, I don’t feel I’m being a traitor! Lol!
  11. [​IMG] this is the bag! I ordered black!
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  12. Beautiful! Enjoy!
  13. It is GORGEOUS!
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  14. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, I hope she arrives soon.
  15. So I'm guessing she never made it on her maiden voyage? I've got the chili one working on her slouch. Can't wait to use it, but will probably use a base shaper so I don't struggle using it.

    Hope it's :heart: with the KS one.