My boutique visit and apologies to BH

  1. Well, today I finally had time to go shopping, so I headed down to LV Union Square to get my Speedy 35, since the one I had recieved from ELux was a little messed up. I also planned to look at the BV, because I had read about the price decrease. I did not think of looking at the BH and I have even said on this forum that I think it is not as cute as the BV, but I learned that you really do have to see something irl to judge. Originally, I was planning to spend that money on a Marc by Marc Jacobs or MICHAEL Micheal Kors satchel and a clutch but I knew that they would still be the same price the next time I go shopping, and LV might have an increase at some point.

    A very nice SA named Tommy helped me. I told him I wanted to see the BV, and he also gave me the BH to try on. To my surprise, the BH looked ten times better on me than the BV. The BV just seemed to skinny at the opening for someone with my frame, and the BH was much more comfortable on my shoulder. Even better, being tall, the BH looks really cute handheld as a tote, or in the crook of my arm. So, I am very happy with my new Speedy 35 and BH!

    I asked him about the Mini Lin Dune, and he said it is not out yet, and he was not sure when it would be released, because the date was pushed back. I wanted to see it, because I would like a light colored bag. I also asked him if they had any Azur Speedies, and he said they have one Azur Speedy 25, but that is much too small for me. By the way, I saw a glossy medium brown croco or croco-embossed leather Speedy 30 that was really gorgeous. Can you tell me what it is called? I did not dare ask about it, because I know it is probably more than I can afford.
  2. Its a real croc speedy. I think they're like 14k$. Yeah both the BH and LH are bigger than the vertical models. ITA the bigger the better when t come to bags. Plus i'm 6'2" so i need it to look porportional.
  3. Congrats on your purchases!!!!:yahoo: I don't know what the croc Speedy's called but I know it's really really pricey:s
  4. Congrats on your new bags! :smile:
  5. I didn't realize you wanted to know the name. Its just called speedy and its from the Cuir Exotique line and it comes in a variety of special order skins such as shiny and matte alligator and ostrich in a variet of colours.

    BTW. Congrats on your speedy and BH.
  6. Congrats!
  7. congrats!
  8. Congrats!! :heart:
  9. congratulations! I love the BH! I agree about trying on the bags. I went into the boutique thinking that I wanted a particular bag, but after I tried a few on, I completely changed my mind.
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. Congrats on your lovely purchases! I've also dealth with Tommy - he's super! Hmmm, I called Tommy today to see if any Azur Speedy 25 were available, and he said that one was already reserved for someone. I was really debating whether I should keep my 30 or 25. Neways, ENJOY!
  12. Congratz!!!