My Bottega Messenger is the BOMB!

  1. This weekend I used my Bottega Messenger the whole time ever since I got it in January and it was AMAZING. SOOO SOFT!!! I'll post a pic at some point but just wanted to tell people about how much I LVOE ;) it and only you guys would understand! Hope everyone had a good weekend!!! :yes:
  2. Yeah, the leather is the best! Please do post a picture of it when you have a chance. I'm so glad you're happy with your BV.
  3. Hey...mind if I ask how much the BV messenger costs? I've been starting to fall in love with BV's fabulous leather!!! I got a cellphone strap...that's all.. haha,.
  4. ohh post pics, I want to see it!! thanks
  5. Love to see pics as well. Was it this seasons or last seasons messenger? I am keen on getting one too!
  6. Pictures please!!
  7. Glad you're loving your bag!! Definitely need pics!
  8. oh wow! I would love to see the picture too :yes: I saw a BV brown messenger in HK and i love it so much but unfortunately i cant afford it, its way too expensive ;)
  9. Pics pics pics please!!

    I do like the various styles of messenger bags that BV's got. I would get one for the bf if only he could appreciate it. But seeing as that isn't gonna happen, more money for my bags! :p

    P/s [vogue], which length and what colour did you get ya phone strap in?
  10. was it the large messenger or flat messenger? id use mine more but im afraid of the snow screwing up the luscious leather lol
  11. Hope 2 see action pics.:love:
  12. Can't wait for pics :biggrin:
  13. Old thread I know, but I have been looking for a BV messenger and haven't seen any real life pics, could u possibly post pics of ur bag Mr.Posh?
  14. I'd love to see an action pic, too! Greentea asked about messengers in a recent thread, so she may want to see pics as well. Congratulations!