My boss mortified me!

  1. :cursing:Ok so I work in sales at a popular satellite company and we take overflow calls. I have been working here for 7 weeks and LOVE the job. I began 2 weeks before I was supposed to, just helping out as an operator because they were desperate. My original training class of 7 has now shrunk to 4 and one girl got moved to operator because she made about a fourth of the sales I make in an 8 hour shift. I make JUST as many sales and often tie with people in highest sales; however, I became very sick for the last week and a half and missed a mandatory meeting but had a doctors note excusing it. Yesterday the co-owner of the business confronted in front of co-workers and said, your close rate is too low, I need you to be operator....PERMANENTLY! I was in such shock I couldnt respond.

    Of course I went to the bathroom, sniffled a little, and realized the reaction of another girl in there, ALL OF THE SECRETARY's knew about this, including my future sister in law. My fiance works for this company and so does my future brother in law as a supervisor.

    I am now very seriously considering quitting, I believe he is pulling me out because my close rate is a little low, because I am female (sexist pig, all of the operators there are female), and because he believes I will stay because of my fiance. It was my sup. that actually convinced me to stay and yesterday I made twice the sales of anyone and then had highest sales today.

    The co-owner took me off of two scheduled days next week because I did not come to the mandatory meeting that we have every other week even though I had an upper respitory infection and conjunctivitis. His RA also messed up the info sheet on the meeting so everyone thought we could come to one this week instead, which is NOT MY FAULT!

    SO question.. should I confront him and quit? Is it worth it? I love my sup and my job, but I feel that they are slightly dishonest to the customers. I am starting to feel morally uncomfortable. :wtf:
  2. i would ask to have a metting with the person and ask why you have been moved. surely they can understand that your sales were down because you were of sick?
    hope it turns out OK for you.
  3. That really sucks, and you're in a really tough spot. What do you want to do? Do you think you could talk to your boss honestly about how you feel without getting so angry you'll have to quit? Good luck...I hope it all works out.
  4. I would talk to him calmly....not confrontationally. You say you love the job, so why not use some people skills to try and make it better. Ask him for a private meeting. As simply and plainly...WITHOUT DRAMA...without anger, explain your point of view. Tell him you have had some very strong sales days and feel you can be a strong asset. Have documentation ready, your doctors note, the messed up memo and your sales sheets from your big days.

    If you he is a decent boss you will when him over, not only because of your info, but also by handling it professional....and keep a job you say you love....

    If he is a jerk about it, then knowing you did everything you could, quit. Life is to short to work in a bad environment.

    Good luck, let us know how it turns out.
  5. I know it's a job you love, but if it makes you doubt your integrity, it's not worth it. If you feel they're being dishonest to customers I would leave. It's not worth the stress.
  6. Perhaps you should email him, telling him the facts you have told us and how you feel?

    I don't know about you, but I often find that men seem to respond far better to the written word than they do to verbal communication from women, for some reason (fewer visual distractions?! :lol:). I sometimes even write notes to my partner, rather than talk to him, about important and/or complicated matters - it seems to get better results! :yes: :biggrin:

    If your boss still can't see your point of view and that it will be a loss to his company to move you, and refuses to reconsider his position, I would definitely start looking for a new job; somewhere where they are capable of appreciating what you can do for their company and don't judge you on irrational gender stereotypes.
  7. If you're starting to feel morally uncomfortable, you should definitely find another job that you will enjoy doing! Best of luck!
  8. i'd quit for the reason that there are other family members of yours working at the location. that always seems a recipe for disaster.

    i say keep family and business seperate, unless you own the company

  9. Im starting to agree with that, I also feel that my level of pride has just been squashed!!!!
  10. and I also will have to come to a meeting every other week to discuss a book about different pretty much choices and morals that we make and have. I did not join a book club, evern if it is one hour paid, why should I have to come in on my day off in the middle of the afternoon for what is pretty much a book club?
  11. One part of you post caught my eye. You say the company is slightly dishonest to the customers. That would really bother me as a worker who was selling to the customers. What are they doing that is slightly dishonest and I thought people were honest or dishonest---so slightly dishonest is a new term to me.
    I worked about 20 years ago in customer service for a appliance company, they were horrible. We had to take and schedule service calls and then the next day when the guys came in if any calls were in so called bad areas they would not go, we had no way of knowing they were not showing up--I lasted two weeks, the stress was too much. I could not work with people taking advantage of other people.
    Sales may be a good job if you are getting decent pay and commission but if you are misrepresenting things to the customers and their is lying going on I myself could not sleep at night knowing I am doing a job like that. Also if family members are involved in doing this is has to make you think of their morals. I will probably get bashed for my thoughts but one does have to wonder what can go on down the road if the company gets in trouble for their slightly dishonest practices.
  12. ITA with this. Plus if you're questioning the ethics in general, time to walk.
  13. I would probably confront them professionally too and try to "fix" the problem. If it cannot be done, it's a good excuse to move on and I'm sure if you present that you tried to work things out, any interviewer will try to understand.

    As for the future family that works there... did any of them help get you the job? Do you work with or for them? That would complicate things. If you don't work with or for them it wouldn't bother me if family worked there.

    As for the moral questions... that's a personal decision you have to make.
  14. If I were you I'd find a new job because a) family is involved b) your boss is unprofessional, unfair and discriminatory c) you can probably make better money elsewhere.
  15. They may be more harsh with you because you have family there. It doesn't sound like a good place when you work harder than others and do not get a proper or just recognition.