My boo rocks da house!!! (warning, long!!!)

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  1. today i had the crappiest day at work...well, crappiest week so far...and hubby and i were planning on going out for some grub and beer tonight to lighten the week up...and then he called me this afternoon and was like 'hey, you know how i promised you a trip to louis at the end of the month? well, how bout we go today?' i hit the roof! :woohoo:

    so we went to lv, and he told me i had a 1000chf limit!!! i got a mono speedy 25 (the 35 was HOT but a bit too big for everyday) and a mono ludlow wallet(sorry, no pics, i am camera retarded!). i am in speedy looooove :heart: :heart: :heart:

    that sure made MY week!!! :yahoo:

    i will have to think of some way to sweeten his day...:graucho:
  2. Congratz on your purchases and go rock your hubby's world! LOL
  3. wow, that's so swt of ur husband!
  4. That is AWESOME!!!! I bet this will brighten up this entire month! :biggrin:
  5. Great buys! And a great man! Sweeten his night is what he has in mind, I am sure!
  6. he kicks arse!!!

    BTW: my SA said that Amarante will be officially released on june 15th...she said she could call me when the first stuff comes in, and hubby was like..'maybe not..hehehe'!

    they also had neverfulls: they are really cute, but a bit too open for my liking... i need a ziptop. they had a monogram bronze bag for show..and it is very glam glam :nuts:
  7. i think i will be coming to work tomorrow a bit groggy eyed...but hey...he earned it!!! :P

    ok...this post is becoming PG-13...:roflmfao:
  8. awww dont u just love sweet men

  9. so sweet of him! :tup:
  10. congrats!
  11. What a thoughtful guy! I'm glad he cheered you up - nothing cheers me up faster than a dose of LV!
  12. Congrats! And what a nice hubby! LV definitely will brighten anyone's day!
  13. Yo Boo is some good!
  14. aw thats so sweet of your hubby, what a perfect way to cheer you up! the speedy 25 is a great bag isnt it, just perfect! congrats
  15. Nice choices and a fantastic hubby!!