My Bonita Veneta - Come See

Aug 21, 2007
Oh my, I am so stoked and can not believe that I got her. Been watermarking the pics and can barely sit still. Got a date with hubby in a few minutes and trying to show her to all of you lovely members.:yahoo:
Please let me share and tell me what you think.

the info is as follows

115654 V0013 2040
EPVA 2007 3159A

I think she might be nappa umbria but need the experts on this
I do know that I am in :heart:
one picture with LV zippy wallet is to show size comparison and the different shades of brown.Also to show my very first designer purchase with my pretty bonita veneta:woohoo:



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Aug 21, 2007
Thank you to all for looking and posting your lovely comments!:heart:

To answer a few thoughts some of you had....
LLANeedle... Bonita is the Spanish word for beautiful...pronounced bo-neat-a, I was trying to rhyme it with pronouncing and it is not a dumb question.

boxermom and valkyrie360... I also was not sure if this was nappa umbria or just nappa, so was relying on some of you experts to point me in the right direction as far as that information goes.I thought that I was seeing some tonal difference with the bag in real life and in the pictures.

leilani01....the color is Ebano code number 2040, they did have a medium veneta in a darker brown, and I had not realized till today, that color of brown, I guess, must have been the color Moro. Anyone that is interested to see the difference can visualize the comparison found here:

bertrell and Brandless...I KNOW, LOL:yahoo:it slouches beautiful.Maybe it's beacause I have neatly folded up her sleeper and conformed it around her bottom, or maybe I am just choose:P, lol either way I love the look.

valkyrie360,Contessa, royalhyness...B A G T R I P L E T S:nuts:
YEAH FOR US!!!!!....shout out to my girl valkyrie360...HI!

triggerpuff, NWpurselover, mrsDIY88, knn...thank you for looking and sharing the love:heart: This is soooooo comfortable, right from the start. Do any of you own one of these beauties?



Jan 9, 2008
royalhyness - I can't believe I didn't recognize your beautiful bag as ebano. I've been obsessing over ebano BV's for quite a while. My "excuse" - the color probably looks different depending on lighting, i.e., indoor, outdoor, flash, etc. :yes:


Jun 25, 2007

valkyrie360,Contessa, royalhyness...B A G T R I P L E T S:nuts:
YEAH FOR US!!!!!....shout out to my girl valkyrie360...HI!

LOL, you are awesome, girlfriend! As for the nappa/nappa umbria question -- like boxermom, who by the way is the Chief Resident bottegavenetologist here, lol, I believe all the venetas are nappa. Now that said, I thought, and I could be wrong, I remember coming across a post where someone said they had one in nappa umbria. It was odd too me. A call to BV would definitely clarify! Morro, is a nappa umbria color that shows up in pyramid bags and such...

Seriously TDF, royalhyness!!! LLLLOOOOVVVVEE it and LOVE your LV wallet -- you're going to laugh but I have a very similar LV mono wallet too! We sure have awesome taste, dont we!!!??? :P Man, a veneta and a montaigne, there's no stopping you girl!! :nuts: