My Blondie!!

  1. I got my Blondie from eBay thanks to the wonderful aaallabama posting the link here and I just had to share photos of it with you girls :biggrin:




    I'm so pleased with it, in the photos its still stuffed with tissue paper so it doesn't really show shape it has when its empty. The leather is wonderful, I love the lacquered hardware and I'm just gaga over it in general. :love:
  2. Congrats! It's gorgeous! Looks very nice next to your Muse! Enjoy!
  3. hip, hip hoooooooooooooray for Luxx :yahoo:...i'm sooooooooooooo happy you won this amazing bag...i know how you feel, cause that's the way i feel about mine...and i love helping to make other people happy :heart:

    p.s. i'm still on the look-out for you too BoohYah girl!!!
  4. congrats!
  5. OOOhHh can I ask how much you paid for it?? its soo nice!
  6. Congrats!
  7. Wooo Congrats!! I love how it shines in the third picture... looks like a superhero logo. :lol:
  8. congratulations on this fabulous bag!!!
  9. Luxx, it's gorgeous! Congrats! I'm SO envious! You're soooooooo lucky! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! :love:
  10. Thanks so much, sweet aaallabama! I'm looking SO forward to becoming a wonderful owner of a gorgeous Blondie just like you gals! ;) :graucho:
  11. this bag is stunning!!!!!


  12. Oh :biggrin: aaallabama thank you so very much! Without you I would have never ever gotten to this bag its so kind of you help out, not just me but everyone on this board who is on a search for this bag!

    It was $1099 MissV, plus S&H :biggrin:

    And thank you so much to all you girls for the congrats!! Muah! I love this board :winkiss:
  13. awe, thanks so much Luxx-girl, you're more than welcome :yes: ...i was determined for one of us PF girls to get it!!!...i knew that this bag was way too gorgeous & way too rare to sit on e-bay for too long :heart:
  14. Congrats!! I love that Blondie! :yes:
  15. gosh! a muse AND a blondie! you're so lucky! :heart:333333
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